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The Best Content Creation Ideas For Instagram – 2023

These Content Creation Ideas For Instagram Will boost your Online presence without a doubt!

While it might look easy, managing a brand account on Instagram is super hard. When managing a brand account you have to constantly juggle between various tasks like posting content at the perfect time, engaging with your audience, and coming up with new ideas to beat the algorithm. While you might have found something that’s working for you, more often than not, you should look for inspiration and bring in some sort of change! Isn’t it always a good idea to try out some new types of Instagram posts and stories? If you are looking for a little extra inspiration to refresh your approach, look no further cause we got you covered.

In this article, we are giving some fresh content creation ideas for Instagram to try for your Instagram brand account. These content creation ideas for Instagram include ideas that can be implemented in-feed, Stories, Live, and IGTV. With these content creation ideas for Instagram, you can introduce your audience to new types of content that will keep them engaged.

Content Creation Ideas For Instagram – Content Creation Tools

Content Creation Ideas For Instagram

In this article, we have listed seven different types of content creation ideas for Instagram. Without further ado, let’s take a look at all of the different types of content creation ideas for Instagram, shall we?

Content Creation Ideas For Instagram
Content Creation Ideas For Instagram
  1. Puzzle Your Audience
  2. Take On/Create Recurring Challenges
  3. Think And Create
  4. Create a photo essay
  5. Create product teasers
  6. Post Different Types of Stories
  7. Broadcast Informative Live Videos

Puzzle Your Audience

We live in a time where no one has the patience to stop and think. And social media has only catered to this very mindset as it is filled, every day with content that will leave you scrolling your phone, without thinking, for hours. So, instead of posting something that will be seen and then scrolled through, create posts that make your audience pause and think a little.

How do you create posts that make your audience think? Host puzzles of course. What is the niche of your business and what do you want the audience to know? Think of these and create fun and exciting puzzles that will not only make the audience pause and think, but also induce curiosity within them that will make them want to see more. Using cute graphics and animation, you can post puzzles in both your Instagram feed and Stories.

If you think puzzles won’t work out for your audience or for your business niche, then maybe create reminder posts that ask your audience to take quick breaks instead via slow breathing exercises or a 5-second video with soothing music. Your main objective is to make your audience pause their endless scrolling and think. Content creation ideas for Instagram that engage your audience will often make them search for your brand on the platform.

Content Creation Ideas For Instagram – Puzzles

Take On/Create Recurring Challenges

Content Creation Ideas For Instagram
Content Creation Ideas For Instagram – Create Challenges

Any social media, be it Instagram or TikTok, challenges have become a huge deal. And if you want to be at the top of your game participating in these challenges is a must. If you are worried about what challenge to take part in fret not cause Instagram has a magnitude of challenges that you can surely take on.

The challenges can be a daily, weekly, or even monthly occurrence. You can either look up pre-existing challenges or create one that makes sense for your brand. Like the puzzles we mentioned earlier, you could also choose a challenge format that encourages your audience to participate. And puzzles aren’t the only engaging challenge a bran can put forth. You can also encourage your audience to post their own take on the challenge. You can also use unique Instagram hashtags to drive engagement with your challenge further.

The most creative content creation ideas for Instagram encourage engagement, sharing, and saving—all important metrics for growing your reach with Instagram.

Content Creation Ideas For Instagram

Think and Create

For brands with a distinctive brand voice, it is best to challenge yourself to write captions first, then find or create a post to match them. You may find that it’s easier to map out your content when you know exactly what message or mood you want to evoke instead of writing a caption specifically for the photo provided. This will also let you think out of the box because you have no constraints whatsoever.

Create a Photo Essay

If you are a content creator, captions and posts relating to the same are very important. So, photo essays might not be your thing but honestly, they are a thing that the audience will definitely eat up. When your business is built on great content, be it photos, words, or videos, it extends to your social media presence.

Photo Essays are an excellent way of repurposing existing content, especially if you run a blog or a website. If you create company blog posts or content elsewhere, use this idea to republish your existing content. Creating photo essays is definitely considered one of the best content creation ideas for Instagram.

Create Product Teasers

If you want to hold onto your audience’s attention then you have to keep them on the edge of their seat. For example, if your business launches new products or services on Instagram, instead of directly announcing a new product, use Stories and posts to drive interest. Build up anticipation through teaser photos, videos, and question stickers.

You don’t always have to create mysterious posts to build up hype. You can always do other stuff like collaborate with influencers, and other services, or create new challenges. And in Instagram Stories, you can use the poll or question sticker to create engagement with your followers. Make it a guessing game and award a prize to the first correct responders.

Post Different Types of Stories

Posting in Stories can be fleeting. After all, they disappear after 24 hours. Take advantage of this by using Stories for flash sales, trivia, interviews, and live shows. In the retail world, flash sales can range from anticipated to surprising. Either way, they’re short and drive a customer to look at them so they don’t miss out. I mean, everyone has FOMO (fear of Missing Out), am I right?

The sales type of post could be applied for limited stock products, giveaways, or even a quick discount on something you don’t usually discount. Make stories that surprise the customer and make them want to go through your Stories more often.

You can also use Stories to conduct Q&A interviews with guests. Add an extra layer of engagement to the Q&A by asking your followers questions and answering them in a new Story. To build up anticipation for this, let followers know when to expect interviews to be posted and who you’ll be interviewing. You can also mix it up by live broadcasting it with the question sticker.

Broadcast Informational Live videos

Content Creation Ideas For Instagram
Content Creation Ideas For Instagram – Conduct interviews and live broadcasts

There are so many ways to approach a Live video and it’s really up to you on what the best fit is for your brand. The most common Live video approaches include broadcasting events, talking about something informative, and conducting interviews. Create content that will engage your audience. Produce how-to videos live and let the audience help you out in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should One Keep In Mind When Creating Content?

When creating content, one should keep in mind the 6 Ps of creativity. The 6 Ps of creativity is process, product, person, place, persuasion, and potential.

How can a brand make a name on Instagram?

To become famous on Instagram, a brand must do the following:
1. Define your brand.
2. Find your brand’s niche.
3. Research your audience.
4. Listen to your audience.
5. Engage your audience.
6. Be consistent and up-to-date.
7. Create quality content.

What are some Instagram Live stream ideas for business?

– Influencer collaborations
– Host a tutorial, workshop, class, or interview
– Host Q&As
– Do product unboxing
– Talk to a happy customers
– Conduct reviews

Let’s Create Some Content!

With the ever-changing Instagram algorithm, coming up with fresh Instagram post ideas can be a challenge. We hope these content creation ideas for Instagram offered some inspiration on what to try out for your brand. Between Stories, posts, and IGTV, Instagram now offers a variety of content types. Don’t get locked into one type just because it’s what you’ve been doing. Explore and Engage!

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