• Doubled Organic Traffic Using Revenue Driven Content Strategy Case Study

Doubled Organic Traffic Using Revenue Driven Content Strategy

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About CPT Guru

Cosmetology Practice Test Guru (CPT Guru) provides information on cosmetology and offers study guides and free practice tests for students to prepare for the State Board of Cosmetology exam. Their information is categorized into Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Nail Technician and Barber. Apart from this, CPT also has a blog segment that periodically publishes articles and blogs targeting aspirants and professionals in cosmetology.


38% of articles

are ranking in 1-3 Positions in SERP

2058 Keywords Gained

2X Increase in Organic Traffic

Solo entrepreneurs

CPT's Pain Points

Even though CPT had a lot of content and blogs on their website, the content had less engagement with their target audience. They were lagging behind on the organic traffic and the SEO-optimisation fronts. They also wanted to build their authority around the cosmetology niche by improving their audience engagement. They approached us to fix this and improve their organic search results performance. CPT Guru wanted their articles to rank better and improve their overall brand visibility.

CPT's Requirements

Improve Audience Engagement

Build Brand Authority in Cosmetology Niche

Improve Organic Traffic and SERP Rankings


The Solution : Consistency is the Key

When we investigated their blogs in search of a root cause, we found that they were facing a consistency issue. In order to rank on the top of SERP and drive traffic to your website  you need to stay consistent with the content you provide to solve users’ query. This is one of the most important factors that many business blogs miss frequently. Besides, numerous other factors influence organic search results, directly and indirectly affecting the SERP rankings.

What Did We Do?

Two pronged strategy

Devising a Revenue-Driven Content Strategy

We optimized the content by standardizing the clusters specific to the cosmetology niche and identifying topics that fall under each cluster. We segmented the contents into three verticals:

State articles – These are ”How to” articles that help the cosmetology aspirants and the candidates applying for the cosmetology license with their application process.

Best school articles – This content will elaborate on the best school in each state for cosmetology education.

Blogs – The content is categorized into mixtures of articles about cosmetology, nail technician, barber, hairdresser, etc.

We discovered that the state articles had more potential than other articles. Hence we optimized the content strategy with relevant keywords, marketing and SEO elements. This immensely helped us attract targeted traffic from relevant customer segments. 


Improving Brand Visibility

Continuous content engagement

The content engagement level increased once we started writing for topics most searched by the users and providing them with relevant content that directly answers the questions of our target audiences and solves their problems. 


Including the FAQs section in the article by including questions from the “People also ask” section, the blogs’ comments and other popular search queries have increased the SERP ranking and impressions significantly. 


Image SEO

We optimized the blog’s images in accordance with SEO best practices and brought new ideas like adding brand logos and the inclusion of infographics that appeared in the SERP image results.


Link Building Strategy

In collaboration with our  sister firm LinkDoctor, our team performed a complete analysis of competitors, backlinks and top queries. The results were used in guest post articles to promote it on high authority sites. It increased overall domain rating and authority and the website started to rank for new relevant keywords, thereby increasing the overall traffic. 

On-Page Content and SEO Optimization

Although CPT had a lot of previous blogs with good content, the articles were not ranking. We made the articles rank by performing necessary optimization like the inclusion of keywords, and meta description without moving around a lot in the content. We have elaborated on one such example.


We identified that in CPT State Blog articles, the keyword ranking started to fall. To improve the keyword ranking, we did a root cause analysis to identify the cause of this drastic fall. To rectify this, we optimized the articles using the following SEO best practices.

Keyword ranking

Organic Traffic Increase 

As a result of our content strategy and SEO-optimization efforts  we were able to double the organic traffic from 7k to 14 k from October 2021 to March 2022.

Organic traffic increase

Improved SERP Rankings

Providing good quality content, including keywords and relevancy of the domain, contributed to improving the SERP ranking. As a result 38% of the newly published articles are ranking in positions 1 to 3 in the search engines results page. 


Key Takeaways

Image optimization and inclusion of infographics made the images on the blog rank in SERP image results.

Optimized revenue-driven content strategy improved the article’s ranking and increased the number of clicks, thereby increasing organic traffic.

Continuous content engagement with relevant information increased the overall organic search results which improved the SERP ranking.

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