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How JUST Creative Doubled Its Revenue Through Our Content Marketing Efforts



Branding Agency

Sydney, Australia

About JUST Creative

JUST Creative is an award-winning branding agency that has worked with some of the biggest brands in different industries. These included Nike, Red Bull, and Disney.

Founded by Jacob Cass, JUST Creative has been acknowledged by different authoritative bodies like LinkedIn naming them the “Best for Branding” and even the World of Logo Design Awards awarding them the “Best Logo Design Australia”.

Jacob has also been recognized DesignWeekly with them including him in the “Top 100 Most Influential Designers” and the New York Post naming him as the “Best Graphic Designer in NYC”.

JUST Creative also hosts an exhaustive blog that showcases informative posts around digital marketing, design, branding, and several other important topics for their audience.

46% of articles

are already ranking on Page 1

38% of articles

 are on Page 2 of the SERPs

7% of articles

are in positions 1 to 3 of the SERPs

General Problems

JUST Creative has impressive traffic compared to some of its competitors. However, with their domain authority, they should have had higher traffic. Also, some of their key affiliate blog posts weren’t ranking for competitive keywords that could bring in leads for better ROI.

Huge Demand And Competition

Jacob’s huge success in his career and website, JUST Creative, increased the demand for his services and the content he published in his blog. This also led JUST Creative to go head-to-head with the biggest competition in their industry. The problem JUST Creative was facing was that other competitors had larger workforces when compared to him.

Massive Page Speed Issues

When we did an in-depth look at JUST Creative’s website, and found big page speed issues. The loading speed of their site was very low. For JUST Creative, this resulted in poor user experience and stemmed into several other problems.

Maintaining The Blog And Updating Content

To improve JUST Creative’s ranking we made sure to implement a regular update strategy. A huge part of JUST Creative’s growth has been through keeping content up to date with the latest products, trends and information.



Despite JUST Creative’s success, they wanted to boost their ROI from their blog. They have several affiliate blog posts that have the potential to earn. Still, they needed an SEO boost and this is where our expertise came in handy. 

Solutions Applied And The Results

We conducted ain-depth analysis ojust Creative’s blog and based oour findings, these were the solutions that whave come uwith.

A. Keeping The Blog Updated Regularly

The niche and industry just creative belong to are highly competitive. This means that other companies and websites make sure that they always publish updated content and products.

Our answer to this problem was to keep up with the competition by regularly keeping the blog up-to-date as well. Our team made sure to update articles regularly and ensure readers are well-informed about the latest trends and products in the industry.

B. Taking Total Ownership of JUST Creative

We took total ownership of Jacob’s site. We didn’t only take measures to improve the blog, but we also addressed the issues that resulted in poor user experience.

1. Website Redesign
JUST Creative needed a lot of changes and we took this responsibility into our hands. We made sure that we didn’t stray from the base design of the site and instead we improved it to be able to compete with their bigger competitors.

2. Improved Page Speed
As mentioned, one of the biggest issues of JUST Creative was their page speed. We did necessary changes and improvements to address this problem. Our efforts improved the mobile page speed by 300% and the desktop page speed by 150%.

3. Dual Focus On Content And SEO Aspects
Taking total ownership of the site, we extended our work to improve the site’s overall SEO. This did not only include working on the blog content but also on improving On-Page and Technical SEO.

4. Assigning A Three-Man Team
We dedicated a team of three people to work on JUST Creative. Their tasks only focused on regular assessment of the site’s improvements, issues, as well as, applying the necessary steps to improve the site’s problems.

C. Maintaining The Blog And Updating Content

As mentioned earlier, to improve JUST Creative’s ranking we made sure our team implemented a frequent and relevant update strategy. In this we aimed to add as much value to the reader, including niche information that is both helpful and detailed.

1. Inserting Direct Answers To Popular Queries In Various Sections
We found that though the blog posts are informative as they were, they didn’t include “direct answers” to popular queries. Because of this, we updated the Target blog posts with statements that directly answer some of the most popular queries on the Internet for that topic. The direct answers were placed in several sections:

  • After Subheadings
  • In The FAQs Section
  • In The Body Of The Post
    (Accompanied With Questions And Even Without)

Adding these direct answers resulted in the articles becoming featured snippets as Google recognized them as authoritative. Also, they appear in the Meta descriptions since they also include the target keywords of the posts.

2. Included Subheadings Of Popular Google Queries
In our effort to improve the ranking of articles, we included popular Google search queries as subheadings in our content. The subheadings which covered these queries also included keywords we were targeting.

This resulted in the improvement of just Creative’s ranking for the target keywords. The subheadings also appeared as Meta descriptions in the SERPs.

3. Adding Popular YouTube Videos To The Posts
In existing posts, we found that there were “Editor’s Choice” products included. So we looked for the best, high-authority YouTube videos and included them in our articles. The videos we picked were reviews or showcasing the Editor’s Choice products.

This change created a positive impact on the rankings of the articles. The videos appeared in the meta descriptions of the articles on the SERPs.

JUST Creative also started to rank in the video search section on Google. Due to this, there has also been views generated which have affected the overall traffic of articles.

Solutions Applied And The Results

Our efforts have resulted in JUST Creative’s having doubled their revenue and affiliate clicks. These major wins are all results of improved organic traffic, keyword rankings, visibility, and SEO on the website. This goes especially for the individual pages we have updated and new articles written, revamped and published by our team.



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Here’s the overall improvement of just Creative’s organic traffic after the article updates and new blog posts were published.

Key Takeaways

Google recognizes the most informative and useful articles. So, the inclusion of the direct answers to popular queries helped in enabling Google to include JUST Creative’s published blog posts as such.

Including Target keywords in subheadings is one of the basics of SEO. But we have stepped it up by including the exact search queries in Google. In return, Google has recognized these articles which resulted in the articles ranking higher in the SERP

Videos play a big role in the increase of JUST Creative’s organic traffic increase.

 As there is also a large portion of Internet users that prefer watching videos over reading articles, this has led  users to also visit the pages which have them included.

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