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A Guide to Content Curation – The 6 Best Tools 

Is your audience bored with seeing the same content or content only related to your products? Why don’t you try some marketing strategies that engage your audience and make them feel like they’re gaining knowledge every day? With new content, that makes them feel engaged and wanting to wait for your next post.

However, continuously curating content is not acceptable to the audience. They have to enjoy the content curation, as well as your own content and ideas. When you cannot create new content for blogs, you can try content curation.

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What is Content Curation?

Content curation involves selecting content from various brands that are relevant or similar to your product, gathering the specific information you want from the website, picking content that is well organized by your idea, and then distributing it to your target audience.

In simple terms, content curation is collecting or gathering content from other websites or brands, and organizing it to post on various social media platforms for your audience.

Importance of Content Curation

People who search for content might be let down if they can’t find it all on one page and have to jump from one to another. Content curation offers a comprehensive package of information. Target audiences find it easy to engage with.

Apart from giving the information, they need it in a complete package. The content should be both qualitative and quantitative for the audience.

Difference Between Content Curation vs. Content Creation

Content CurationContent Creation
To collect information from various sources and present it to the audience.To begin from scratch, as you look for subjects that are pertinent to your target market and your product, writing about them and publishing them. 
It is a faster technique compared to content creation.It takes time to create unique content and publish it.
Reaches the audience quickly.Reaches only a selective audience.
It creates relationships – loyalty – customers.It generates leads and maintains the marketing funnel.

Is Content Curation Legal?

Using another brand’s content as your own without their knowledge is illegal. Instead of downloading and uploading it on social media, you can link to or tag their website on social media. You could share directly on the social media platform.

Process of Content Curation

Content Curation – Process
  • Establish your goals. You decide whether to use the content curation for marketing or informational purposes. If you chose content curation as a marketing strategy, your goal should be to concentrate on the target market and get them to learn more about your brand. You are imparting knowledge about a specific subject to your internal audiences.  The other goal is competitive intelligence, which involves using the data to learn current information about your competitor.
  • Find the topic –  Finding the topic is the primary process. Before picking a topic, you should consider what your target audience will engage in.

Three elements are used here to select the perfect curation topic:

  1. Competitiveness – Think of your topic and how many competitors you have for this topic.
  2. Audience – Does the selected topic make the audience more engaged or not? 
  3. Content –  Will the  Content convey enough information  on this topic you curate?
  • Curate the content – The selected topic should be well organized. Most people curate their content every day, and some people curate content once a week. Providing content daily increases brand awareness and lessens your workload.
  • Share –  Identifying your objective, finding the topic, and organizing are background steps. The main one is sharing the content curation with your target audience. Selecting the platform for sharing content curation is very important. Not all people have the same interest. Some people use social media frequently, and others use mail or newsletter so that you can share content curation on that basis.
  • Analyze the report –  Measure the result of your content curation, whether it reaches the audience, to help ensure you are going the right way.

Benefits of Content Curation

Content curation benefits are listed below:

Conserve Your Time

The audience needs relevant content updates. Continuously creating content takes time and can lead to a break in your relationship with your audience. Content curation allows you to save time while also increasing your engagement.

Brand Awareness

Most businesses need help raising awareness about their brand among their target audience. Content curation with little addition to your brand thoughts makes the audience aware of your product.

Increase in Search Engine Optimization

The selected topic is already in a high-rank position, and you are using it for curation. Linking it to your idea helps to rank your content and get high traffic.

Building Relationships

By sharing content on various media platforms, you connect more with your target audience, engage them, and help them learn more about your brand and related topics.

Tools Used for Content Curation

The tools are listed below:

  • Contentstudio
  • Flipboard
  • Pocket
  • Buzzsumo
  • MyCurator


Content Studio has approximately 500 topics and assists you in following your topic, as well as trending content based on your business. It optimizes social media updates for your accounts, including suggesting suitable hashtags and schedules. It is available for free and also has a paid version every month.


Flipboard is a mobile and desktop app that can be used simply by downloading and creating an account. With this tool, you can create a magazine with a link that you want to share with your audience. Once the magazine is completed, you can share it with the customers so they can follow your content.

In addition to adding content curation, you can also include your blogs in the magazine. The reader knows more about your products. 


If content curation is new to you, pocket tools are the best ones to guide you. If you think a piece of content is interesting, you can easily save it to watch later. The tags option helps you to group your content based on topics, and you can access this pocket offline.

Other than this standard feature, if you want advanced features, like permanent backups, you must be a premium subscriber. 

It helps you create the most relevant topic and share it directly with your social media platforms. You can use these tools for free as well as on paid monthly plans.

You can create a topic page with 50 scoops in the free version. You can create more pages in the paid version and share the link directly to the social media platform. You can distribute an email newsletter.


Buzzsumo can track content shared by the influencer and the content created by the author. It also notifies you when new content is posted. It has limited features in the free version. You can use keywords or domain names to find content in Buzzsumo.


MyCurator is a tool for WordPress. You can use this tool to curate content around a topic, and upload it to your WordPress site. There is a free and paid version of MyCurator.

Frequently asked questions

What are the three pillars of content curation?

The three pillars of content curation are:
– Algorithmic curation
– Professional curation
– Social curation

Which software is used for content curation?

Curata software is commonly used for content curation.

What can be done to improve content curation?

– Select the right sharing platform.
– Instead of giving the content from other websites, add your own thoughts.
– Fix the time to publish your content curation.

What is content curation marketing?

Content curation marketing is one of the strategies used when you have no time to create or publish a new article.

What is email newsletter content curation?

The email newsletter is one of the oldest methods of content curation. You can use this platform to share fully curated content or original content. Both of them reach the audience quickly.

Final Thoughts

Curating content is an excellent way to build a deeper relationship with your target audience and improve your brand reputation. Make sure your content curation is organized and engaging for your audience.

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