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5 Steps to Become a Successful Content Marketing Consultant

Businesses are looking at different marketing strategies to keep them going. They may be an already established company, a startup, a product-based, or a service-based company, but they all thrive on content to reach their audience.

Customers visit the website, read the reviews, and analyze your case studies and testimonials before deciding to buy from you. 

You need solid content and a strategy that answers your audience. 

That’s where a content marketing consultant comes in.

The role requires a lot of expertise and shares the responsibility of sales.

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What Is a Content Marketing Consultant?

A content marketing consultant creates strategies to improve your content. They set up work processes and train in-house teams on how to apply them. A consultant is expected to train in-house team members on strategically achieving results.

If a business hires a consultant, it means that they are looking for long-term results. A consultant must exhibit the following skills, which are evidence of their expertise.

  • Keyword Search
  • Heading Tag Optimization
  • Check Keyword Density
  • Create Meta Tags
  • Check Website URLs Structure
  • Create Images ALT Tags
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Setup Google Search Console
  • Competitor Website Analysis
  • Setup Internal and External Links

A consultant must have strong client testimonials and quantifiable results from successful marketing campaigns or consulting work you’ve had.

But, before you promote your services as a content marketing consultant, you must ensure your skills are up to par.

How Do I Become a Content Marketing Consultant?

To become a content marketing consultant, you must be a leader; in thoughts and actions. You must be well-versed in the industry, know what plans to make, how to execute them, and have a plan B if plan A fails.

Understanding the nature of the industry and its competitors is vital. You must know what it takes to generate leads from content. It can be blogs, infographics, whitepapers, or a video.

A content marketing consultant must know the nuances of traversing through the sales funnel.

A Social Presence

One major requirement of a content marketing consultant is a visible online presence. This means having a recognizable portfolio on your website or professional social media sites like LinkedIn.

Your profile on LinkedIn speaks a lot about your professional engagement. An endorsement and recommendation are highly valued before your client hires you as their consultant.

You can ask your former clients for feedback to build a trail of endorsements. Online reviews, social media engagements, and testimonials reflect your personal and professional attitude.

Bring more visibility to your work by freelancing, guest blogging, social networking, and escorting customers through the marketing funnel.

The Growth Mindset

As a content marketing consultant, it’s imperative to have a growth mindset to shake the grounds of contemporary marketing.

You must keep yourself abreast of the latest SEO technologies, Google updates, and how SERP works.

You must give clear guidance to the content marketing team or the content marketing freelancer team on what SEO elements to give importance to.

Experiment with ideas to bring more traffic to your website.

Research and find which keyword has low difficulty and high volume, and make a content calendar mentioning those keywords and the writers.

Publish it on your website or on other blogs with a higher DR than yours to obtain backlinks to your website.

Track the results on GSC and monitor which keyword ranked and what amount of traffic it has brought to your website.

As traffic increases, you can see an increase in the number of leads.

Work with the business development team to nurture the leads into prospects.

Content Marketing Consultant - Required Skills
Content Marketing Consultant – Required Skills

Analytical Thought Processing

Being a content marketing consultant, you are well-rounded.

It starts with being vocal about your thoughts so that your ideas are implemented. 

Strong communication skills are the foundation. It does not stop with writing and speaking, it encompasses active listening, interpersonal communication, and well-composed body language.

Agility in work, delegating tasks, managing backlogs, and team building are additional feathers on your cap.

All these qualities are of better value if your acquaintance speaks about them in the feedback and testimonials.

A business looks for qualities in a consultant, such as confidentiality, clarity in thoughts and actions, an unbiased feedback system, and a swift response strategy.

Be sure to possess all these qualities to be deemed a quality consultant.

Word-of-mouth still plays an important role in marketing your products and yourself.

Don’t make decisions by guesswork. Rely on data.

You must have strong decision-making, data interpretation, troubleshooting, and case analysis skills.

Analytical skills as a content marketing consultant must encompass ROI analysis and know how to set KPIs for the project.

You must know how to work with project management tools like ClickUp, Excel, and Tableau.

All these tools help you to analyze the process, visualize data, track progress, and recognize patterns.

Technical Agility

Identifying content pillars for the website and structuring it to answer the audience’s questions implies the consultant’s technical knowledge.

The UI/UX of the website must be appealing and usable for the audience so they can find the answers within a few clicks.

You must know on-page and off-page SEO elements to help the website rank on SERP.

The prime focus of your content marketing strategy is to rank. Incorporate the right SEO elements for Google and other search engines need to be able to find, crawl, render, and index the pages on your website.

Another technical SEO that you must implement on your webpages is that they must be secure, mobile friendly, fast-loading, and, most importantly, comply with E-E-A-T of Google’s raters guidelines.

Create accounts on GSC and GA, and track the content marketing metrics and results.

Accordingly, present the data of the web pages that ranked on SERP, analyze what worked, and suggest the same actions for other web pages.

Invariably, SEO aspects will change from niche to niche, but you pick the working strategies and try to implement them in your blogs.

Empathetic Skills

Is empathy even a skill?

Yes, it is.

It is a skill that is acquired over time. It involves putting yourself in other people’s shoes and trying to understand their problems, the cause, and, most importantly, how to work out the solutions for them to cope with work or find alternative solutions.

How does being empathetic fit a content marketing consultant?

It’s thinking about the people who put their trust in you. 

When businesses approach you for content marketing in Saas or content marketing for startups, they have a need. 

They need to increase their revenue. It’s their livelihood.

Be empathetic and work towards finding solutions to reach their goals.

Create blogs that answer the pain points of the audience. That’s the way you help B2B and B2C businesses.

Empathy translates as trust.

Trust builds relationships, lasting relationships for yourself and your products.

It all works towards customer retention. 

Now, you have traversed through all the phases of the content marketing funnel.


What is a content marketing consultant?

A content marketing consultant is a person or team who works out the content strategy for your business to create content that reflects your brand value and resonates with your audience.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is content in the form of blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, white papers, or in any other form that engages the desired audience. Marketing through content aims to increase traffic, generate leads, and improve sales.

Wrapping Up

A content marketing consultant needs a plan for the overall business and its website. Landing pages, blogs, and ad copies need to be structured in a way that attracts your audience.

Creating compelling content that converts leads into prospects, content that answers the customer’s question, and one that is inclined with the searcher’s intent is required. 

Content marketing consultant makes a strategic plan of how, when, and what to post while working with the graphics and sales teams.

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