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5 Best Strategy for Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Using a content marketing strategy is one of the best ways to grow your business and find high-quality leads. By using social media advertising and blogs, you can reach a larger audience. When it comes to content marketing on social media platforms, LinkedIn is not as popular as other platforms, since most people do it through their own websites and social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. LinkedIn is the best professional platform for doing business, hiring professionals, and getting a job.

It is the best way to promote your company and products. More than half of customers use LinkedIn when choosing a product or service. There are lots of fake profiles on Instagram, but it’s less spam on LinkedIn. Although LinkedIn’s high-security verification process minimizes spam, you can still easily identify a fake account by looking at its profile picture and other information.

Because LinkedIn is at the top and is the most reputable social platform, people trust the information they see there.

Organic Activity for Brands on LinkedIn 

  • Weekly postings on pages have increased by 8%
  • Content shared by pages increased by 10%. 
  • Native video and original post views have increased by 26% each week.
  • Shared third-party news increases thought leadership by 13%

New Announcement From LinkedIn

The top ten marketing skills are typically listed for users. In 2015, content marketing and SEO were nonexistent, but they are currently ranked third and seventh, respectively.

Comparison Between LinkedIn and Instagram for Content Marketing

The platform is fully formal and used for professional purposes.The platform is informal and used to connect with people, and it is also a good opportunity to market your products.
LinkedIn is used for developing businesses and job opportunities.Instagram is used for marketing purposes and to share their lifestyle with others.
The marketing system of LinkedIn is B2B.Instagram’s marketing system is a business-to-consumer (B2C).
It is available in 24 languages. It is available in 32 languages.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing refers to the process of creating and sharing relevant content with the target audience in the form of articles, videos, etc. 

Here are some of the content marketing types 

  • Infographics
  • Blog Content 
  • Podcasts
  • Social Media 
  • Videos

What Is LinkedIn?

On May 5, 2003, Reid Hoffman founded LinkedIn. It is an excellent platform for networking with business professionals and increasing employee orientation. 

Why Content Marketing on LinkedIn?

With 2.9 million users, LinkedIn is one of the world’s top ten developing brands. Moreover, it is an excellent platform for B2B businesses, and you can reach the right audience quickly.

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Why Do People Select LinkedIn? 

They are visiting LinkedIn because they feel more productive and successful in their professional lives. The relevant and engaging content helps them learn more about the business and the product.

The statistics on why people choose the LinkedIn platform are as follows:

  • 60% of users believed that the content on LinkedIn met their expectations.
  • 57% of the content is very informative and educates them about the product.
  • 51% of people are able to learn about the most recent marketing trends. 
  • 39% of users said they are inspired by the content posted on LinkedIn.
  • 32% believed it aids in their skill development.

Customers’ Journey on LinkedIn

The customer journey is divided into three stages.

1. Awareness

In this stage, you are educating the audience about who you are and what your brand and product are about. Post-long-form written posts and videos to gain more knowledge about your product. It will give a better understanding of the target audience.

2. Consideration

The shared post with links to your website and offers, as well as free demos, and trials makes them feel better or answers their question about why they must choose this product. Providing content encourages them to think about your offering.

3. Conversion

When they are in the consideration stage next, they try to decide whether they want your product. It is all based on the content and marketing strategy that you are providing to your audience.

Content Marketing on LinkedIn Strategy 

The content marketing on LinkedIn strategy is listed below.

Content Marketing on LinkedIn – Strategy

1. Define the purpose

Before you begin your LinkedIn content marketing strategy, consider your goal for marketing on the platform. For example:

  • Want to generate high-quality leads for your brand.
  • To increase brand visibility
  • Want to promote your product 
  • Want to connect with other business professionals to learn more about the market trend.
  • Want to build a community around your brand?

Determine how you want to use LinkedIn for marketing by using the examples provided.

2. Identify Your Target Audience

LinkedIn has a wide range of audience members, so you should narrow down your target audience. Having a clear understanding of your brand and determining the types of people who are appropriate for your business based on your brand are prerequisites for communicating with your target audience.

3. Decide on Your Content Type

Content on LinkedIn is divided into content media and content types. You must first define what “content types” and “content media” are before you move on.

Content Media 

In LinkedIn content media, you have different options to publish your content

  • A personal profile
  • Business page
  • Groups
  • Direct messages
  • In mails
  • Emails

LinkedIn Content Type 

On this platform, you can produce native content:

There are people in your target audience who dislike reading blogs, but enjoy watching videos. Including combinations of content in your marketing strategy might help you attract leads who consume content in a variety of ways.

4. Define Your Topics

Choose the topic once you’ve decided on your content types. You must be aware of the fundamental characteristics in order to define your topic.

What kind of content can you produce?

  • Content that has a stronger audience connection.
  • Content that converts your leads into customers.

Some example topics are:

  • Business news
  • Achievements of your company
  • Announcements about hiring professionals
  • Opportunities

5. Evaluate the Results

When you are experimenting with content for your target audience on LinkedIn, try to evaluate the outcome and how it draws in the audience. You should also consider how many people are following your business or personal page. Use the customer success metric to evaluate the success. 

Content Marketing on LinkedIn Hacks

When you have run out of content, but want to engage your target audience more, you can try these creation hacks: 

1. Curate from a Previously Existing Source

Curate existing content that makes your existing blogs ranked so that people can be engaged. It may change and get popular among the target audience.

2. Curate for a Third Party

Sharing the same content can bore your audience, so curating the content from a third party helps them gather more information, but it does not affect your content marketing strategy. 

3. Utilize Free Tools

There are many tools available in free and premium versions, so make use of the tools to analyze how your content is becoming popular among your target audience based on how you engage your audience.

4. Repeat Your Greatest Hit

If you post guidelines and tips for content marketing, and they are a super hit with the target audience, don’t hesitate to share the hit content with them.

5. Mobile Friendly

80% of people who use LinkedIn, do so on mobile, so make sure your content is capable of displaying on mobile and desktop as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of content is not allowed on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn content types not allowed are violence, harassment, bullying, and scams.

2. What is the best time to post on LinkedIn?

According to the survey, the best time to post on LinkedIn is between 12 p.m. and 9 p.m.

3. What are the benefits of using LinkedIn?

– It helps you to build your brand.
– Easily connects business people.
– Find the latest trend. 
– Enhances Search Engine Optimization.

4. What are the most common mistakes people make on LinkedIn?

– Not keeping a profile photo.
– Having too brief an introduction of your company and brand.
– Having content that is not relevant to their target audience.
– Not actively using the LinkedIn platform.

Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for creating and distributing content to various audiences. If you plan and carry out your strategy appropriately, your audience will be more engaged and may likely become regular visitors to your page and your customers.

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