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9 Best Content Marketing Podcasts for Content Creators

Are you a content creator? You may sometimes feel confused about what to write, and spend more time finding trend content. What if I told you that you could learn and research more when traveling, and even walking?  The best content marketing podcasts are listed below to help you gain more insight into the latest marketing trends, tools, and tips.

People understand concepts more easily when they are presented in text or blog format, while others can easily understand them when they are presented in audio or video format.  About 51% of people use podcasts in the United States.

Since so many podcasts are available, you may have trouble selecting the best one. In this article, we have listed some content marketing podcasts that help you to develop content that is up to date.

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What Are Podcasts?

Podcasts are also referred to as audio blogging. It is about creating and distributing audio files to mobile and computer users. It is commonly available in the format of a series. And it is most extensively used for content marketing.

Examples of Companies Who Have Podcasts

  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Yarn Craft
  • Marketo
  • The Bean Cast

The Best Content Marketing Podcasts

Here are the best content marketing podcasts to develop content.

1. This Old Marketing

It was launched in 2013, and the show got a hiatus in late 2017. The hosts of the “This Old Marketing” podcast are Robert Rosse and Joe Pulizzi. In the content marketing world, they are the top thought leaders. In this podcast, you can see the current marketing trends, and inbound marketing news. In each episode, they do not miss an opportunity to give their opinions and views on marketing.

Their content marketing podcast is more educational and enjoyable than other podcasts with 60 minute runs.

Content Marketing Podcasts – This Old Marketing

You can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episodes to Watch:

  • B2B Content Marketing: Opportunities and Trends – EP- 349
  • How Long Does It Take for Content Success? – EP- 330
  • Influencer or Content Creator? Survey Says – EP – 308
  • 2022 Content Prediction – EP- 305

2. Online Marketing Made Easy

The host of “Online Marketing Made Easy”  is Amy Porterfield. She helps over 25,000 business owners through educational programs to increase conversion rates and technology.

Amy Porterfield also invites business-leading people, and well-experienced professionals to her podcast to talk about marketing strategies and workflow.

Pat Flynn and John Lee Duman are the people who participated in the show.

Content Marketing Podcasts – Online Marketing Made Easy

You can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episodes to Watch:

  • A Simple Way to Use a Quiz As An Effective Marketing Strategy.
  • An Effective Strategy for Creating Binge-Worthy Content.
  • Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know (&Do) This for Success.
  • Feel Like You’re A Broken Record: Ideas for Reinvigorating Your Content.

3. Content Inc.

The two founders of Content, Inc. are Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi. This podcast is primarily for business owners and startups who want to advance and succeed in the competitive field of marketing.

According to Joe Pulizzi, every new and small business should implement a marketing strategy. Instead of developing their products at the start, they have to build their audience and market their product to that audience. The video duration of each episode is ten minutes.

Content Marketing Podcasts – Content Inc

You can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episodes to Watch:

  • Creating Your Last Piece of Content – EP-  366
  • Smart Content Creators – EP – 357
  • Don’t Make this Mistake with Your Content Brand – EP- 356
  • How to Increase the Value of Your Content Business – EP – 354

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4. Everyone Hates Marketers

Louis Grenier is the program’s host. He had over ten years of experience working as a marketer. He started the podcast “Everyone Hates Marketers.” It ranks among the top marketing podcasts in popularity. It racked up one million downloads in less than four years. 

He describes the various marketing tactics and strategies in this podcast, and also invites marketing experts to his shows to discuss marketing.

Content Marketing Podcasts – Everyone Hates Marketers

You can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episodes to Watch:

  • How to Build a Credible Personal Brand from Zero.
  • How to Create Accurate Buyer Persona.
  • 3 Steps to Repurposing Content for Every Channel.
  • Balancing Between Brand, Performance, and Creative Marketing in 5 Key Concepts.

5. Social Pros Podcast

Daniel Lemin and Anna Hrach host the Social Pros Podcast. Social media and content marketing work best together to improve business outcomes. They teach how to optimize social media platforms in this podcast.

Interviews are conducted with those who used social media to meet their marketing objectives. 

Content Marketing Podcasts – Social Pros Podcast

You can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episodes to Watch:

  • How Marketing Millennials Scaled to 450K+ LinkedIn followers.
  • How to Create Social Conversations That Connect,
  • Why Al is the Future of Social Media.
  • How Social Pros Can Build Their Own Personal Brands.

6. Savvy Social Podcast

Andrea Jones is the host of the Savvy Social Podcast. This podcast teaches you how to integrate social media into your content marketing strategy. Jones discusses social media tips and hacks with other marketing experts.

Content Marketing Podcasts – Savvy Social Podcast

You can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episodes to Watch:

  • My Big 5 Social Media Predictions for 2023.
  • Social Media Strategies for Building Your Community.
  • 3 Easy Ways to Create Micro Video Content.
  • 3 Strategic Ways to Repurpose Your Content.

7. The Long Game

Ailie Decker, David Ly Khim, and Alex Birkett serve as the show’s hosts. They conducted in-depth interviews with content marketing professionals. They mainly create a team for content and writing on a freelance basis, the increase in your conversion rate, and education about the frameworks, principles, and learning greatly impact your business’s success.

content Marketing Podcasts – The Long Game

You can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episodes to Watch

  • Mission-Driven Content for a Small Business with Meanie Deziel.
  • Build a Content Playground, Not a Funnel with Ashley Faus.
  • How to Produce Top of the Line Content with Brand Smith.
  • Content Operations at a Massive Scale with Natasha Nel.

8. ProBlogger Podcast

Darren Rowse is the host of the ProBlogger Podcast. He is a blogger, speaker, and author. They assist you in creating a better blog and exploring various revenue options to support your blogging endeavors. The features include case studies and exercises that bloggers can use to grow their readership and deepen their relationship with the target audience.

Additionally, he invites various bloggers to share their blogging experiences and successes. 

Content Marketing Podcasts – ProBlogger

You can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episodes to Watch:

  • Join Our 7 Day Content Sprint – EP – 281.
  • How Viral Content Grew Rachel’s Income from Paying for Groceries to Buying a House – EP- 266.
  • 9 Types of Killer Filler Content That Are Easy to Create – EP – 250.
  • Blogging and Content Marketing: 10 Things to Know – EP – 213.

9. Storytelling Secrets

The host of storytelling secrets is Jules Dan. This podcast teaches you how to craft stories that connect emotionally with the target audience. You can also learn techniques from the experts who are currently crafting stories and driving more audiences in their marketing fields.

Content Marketing Podcasts – Storytelling Secrets

You can listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Episodes to Watch:

  • Ramp Up Your Landing Page Conversions.
  • Why You Should Apply the 80/20 Principle in All of Your Marketing.
  • How to Get Over Your Fear of Posting Content.
  • Write Email Stories & Content Faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different types of podcasts?

– Interview Podcasts
– Educational Podcasts
– Solo Podcasts
– Conversational Podcasts

2. What is the main objective of podcasts?

Podcasts’ primary goals are to inform and entertain listeners about a particular topic.

3. What are the three main phases of podcast production?

– Pre-production
– Production
– Post-production

4. How many subscribers do you need for a successful Podcast?

If you are looking to build a podcast, you will need 2000 subscribers per episode every week of the year in order to succeed.

Final Thoughts

Using the podcast mentioned above can help you develop your content and keep it fresh. When you have learned the techniques involved in content marketing and have implemented your strategies, you can build good relationships with your target audience, and build your brand.

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