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10+ Best Content Marketing Tips for Beginners

“Content is King.”

Content marketing funnel has been of great use to me.”

If you hear these statements and wonder what they are talking about, then you are in the right place. They are talking about gaining a new audience using content marketing strategies for established business and startups. This is the most critical part of your online business.

Read on to know how your content marketing efforts can help you in the long run. We also provide you with important content marketing tips and actionable steps that can be implemented immediately.

By the end of this article, you will be a pro on everything regarding content marketing.

What is Content and Content Marketing?

Content is defined as digital assets such as blog posts, social media posts, videos, etc. The reason behind publishing content is to help identify, engage, attract, and convert your target audience.

Content marketing is a big part of digital marketing. It is a lead generation process that uses digital assets such as blog posts, videos, and infographics.

An effective strategy starts by identifying your potential customer’s pain points and then using these to create content that engages customers. The long-term purpose of content marketing is to form bonds and build relationships, which leads to loyal customers.

How Does Content Marketing Work?

The answer is simple. When people search for answers to their pain points, your informative content will grab their attention and help them. They will trust you once you have successfully provided solutions to their problems.

Since they already trust your expertise, they will believe in the credibility of your business and your products. This trust will drive them to buy your services, which leads to an increase in the conversion rate.

In such a way, a good marketing strategy guides them throughout the buyer’s journey, which is why it is effective.

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy From Scratch?

Building a successful content marketing strategy need not be a daunting task. With the proper framework, it can be easy. Keep these following steps in mind when creating a content marketing strategy.

1. Set Goals

What do you want to achieve through content marketing?

Do you want to increase your brand awareness?

Do you want to increase your conversion rates?

Before formulating a content marketing strategy, it is essential to know the answers to these questions. This will help you in defining your company’s goals. You can further focus on these and create content based on these goals.

2. Build a Context

Who is your target audience?

What do they search on the Internet?

What type of content will be helpful to them?

These answers will help you understand the buyer persona and create content that makes the most sense for them. Therefore try to develop an ideal consumer profile and create amazing content that attracts them.

3. Alignment with the Funnel

Your existing customers and prospective customers have different content needs.

Your new customers require different information at each stage of their research and buying process. Initially, they need informative content which is credible and solves their problem. After that, they want to know how your products can solve their problems. Finally, they want to know if your product is the best in the market and then place an order with you.

Therefore, you need to produce content that matches all these stages. This is why it is vital to create a content map for each part of this funnel.

4. Choose a Content Type

Where do your customers hang out?

Is it on social media platforms?

What challenges do they overcome?

How can you help solve these problems?

How can your products be useful to them?

Based on the answers to these questions, map out a content marketing calendar and start creating content. Experiment with different types of content such as blog posts, infographics, videos, and carousel posts and use the most welcomed ones.

5. Content Creation and Distribution

Often keeping track of all the content creation processes can be challenging. Further, you have to remember to post them on various content marketing channels to improve engagement.

Here is when an editorial calendar can be of most use for you. When you use an editorial calendar, you can keep track of all the content in the creation process and post them at the right time.

You can hire content marketers to help you with the process. Additionally, some software can do most of the process automatically, thus reducing errors. Based on your budget, you can select either one or a combination of both.

6. Decide on Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The success of a content marketing campaign is identifying content marketing KPIs , so it can be optimised if needed.

One way of doing that is by having a measurable business goal. A quantifiable goal such as the number of page visits, email subscribers, followers can be set up.

Keep checking stats to find how effective your content marketing strategy is. If the numbers are not increasing, you can optimise your process and measure the results again.

Content Marketing Tips to Improve Your Marketing Game

Now that you know how to create a content marketing strategy, the next step is to create one. These content marketing tips will help you get started and create one that delivers results consistently.

1. Content Marketing Tips – Setting and Measuring Business Goals

There are an overwhelming number of content types that you can create and publish for your business. But without reasonable, quantifiable goals, you will not be able to estimate how efficient the content has been.

Each piece of content you create should have a specific purpose that can be measured with Google Analytics. Therefore, you can estimate whether it is solving that purpose when you publish content.

Google analytics will further help you understand whether the people with the right search intent are visiting your website. If irrelevant searches lead to your website, your content is wasted since they are not the right audience.

2. Content Marketing Tips – Write In-Depth Content

On average, long-form content performs better than shorter blog posts in search engines. Therefore creating detailed, quality content will help direct organic traffic to your website.

When writing content, cover all the questions regarding that specific topic. Check out the “searches related to” box at the end of Google search results to know what questions are being asked. Try to answer all these questions in your blog post.

Make sure to select one target keyword and answer questions surrounding it. This will keep you from deviating too much from the topic. And also, since you are using only one main keyword, you will have more keywords for other content.

There are various keyword research tools that you can use. By using these tools, you will find out the keywords your audience is searching for.

3. Content Marketing Tips – Use Analytics to Optimize

It is easy to forget existing content in the excitement of creating new content. You can optimize your existing content to perform better.

Google Analytics is a fantastic way of finding out which ones are the most visited pages and which ones are not. You can add keywords and update the information, thus optimizing the page to rank higher.

The top pages can be used as inspiration when planning content for the future. For example, if your audience mostly seeks detailed guides, you can create more of these in the future.

4. Content Marketing Tips – Stay Up-To-Date

Having up-to-date information is of the underrated hacks when you want to rank higher.

If the content you are publishing is irrelevant next year, you need to be equipped to make the necessary changes.

You can check if your content is time-relevant by searching your keyword with the current year in the search engines. Take a look at the results, and you will be able to check whether your content is still valid.

Incorporate your content into your editorial calendar if it needs to be edited every year. This will remind and help you stay on-trend.

When editing, make sure not to change the URL of the web page. If you change it by mistake, you have to start link building from scratch again. Since backlinks are essential for ranking, this will significantly impact your search traffic.

But on the other hand, you should add the year in the title, meta description, and the article’s body. Making these changes will convert it into relevant content.

5. Content Marketing Tips – Repurpose Your Old Content

You published quality content that was welcomed by your audience. The piece performed exceptionally well.

What happens next?

You do not have to let it go. You can repurpose the content. This will ensure the content reaches a new audience or even let your new followers see it, which otherwise they would have missed.

A blog post went viral? Repurpose it into a carousel post and post it on your social media channels.

All pieces of content can be repurposed and published on different platforms. Play around with it and do things that work best for your audience.

6. Content Marketing Tips – Maintain Your Brand Voice Across Channels

Every brand has a voice. It is essential to find yours too.

For example, Spotify’s brand voice is fun and quirky. And you will get the same vibe whichever platform you choose to engage with them.

Therefore identify your brand’s voice and implement it throughout all channels. Your voice and values should be consistent throughout your marketing efforts.

7. Content Marketing Tips – Prioritize SEO

SEO is not just a method to improve your website’s ranking. It is a measure of user experience. The better the user experience, the better your chances of ranking higher.

Some of the significant technical SEO measures that you need to keep in mind are as follows:

Optimize your website to be compatible with all devices like laptops, mobile devices, and tablets.

Backlinks help when search engines crawl and index your website. One of the ways to receive quality backlinks is by guest posting.

Guest posts are posts that you can publish on another website with the permission of the website owner. The second website should be reputable and in the same niche as the first.

Add relevant keywords that are specific to the search intent. Find out your target audience’s search intent and single out keywords of utmost importance. Ensure that you add these keywords to your content for maximum benefit.

Make sure that the website loads quickly. If it takes a long time to load, most of your audience will bounce. This consequently leads to lower rankings. However, if your website loads in 2-3 seconds, you will retain more readers.

8. Content Marketing Tips – Explore Different Types of Content

Written content is not the only one anymore. There are many more different types of content such as videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.

Incorporating these different types of content in your content strategy helps have diversity and makes it easy to engage customers.

Youtube is one of the easiest ways of experimenting with other forms of content. But before starting, make sure to understand the basics of video marketing to reap its maximum benefits.

9. Content Marketing Tips – Release Original Statistics

Conducting field research and publishing the results need not necessarily be just for big companies. Small businesses can conduct such surveys and post them with a lower budget.

One great example of conducting research is asking your followers to take a survey on social media. By asking them an accurate and straightforward question, you would gain some insight into your potential customers.

You can further publish this content and exhibit your expertise and authority over your niche. This makes your brand more credible. This consequently increases the chance of your target audience buying your products/services.

10. Content Marketing Tips – Creating Evergreen Content

This is one of the most underrated content marketing tips.

Every content marketer adores evergreen content.


Because this type of content need not be modified each year. With each passing year, any content will go useless but this one post will stand the test of time. This is the reason why it is called evergreen content.

These kinds of content will aid in a solid understanding of the topic, which will help you gain ranking and traffic in the long run.

11. Content Marketing Tips – Combine Content Marketing and Social Media

Your social media, SEO, and content marketing are all intertwined.

Your social media and SEO require content. Later on, this content is used to bring in new leads.

Therefore, when producing content, promote it through various channels to generate as many leads as possible. Good content gives maximum benefits when it is promoted to reach a bigger audience.

12. Content Marketing Tips – Write for Audience, Not Search Engine

It is tempting to dump target keywords and make the content SEO-friendly. However, if you ask any content strategist, they will strongly advise you against it.


It is excellent practice to add search terms to content, but the key is to add them in a minimal quantity. This way, you will avoid overwhelming your audience and make the content audience-friendly.

The ultimate goal of content marketing is to produce valuable and enjoyable content for the audience. So instead of focusing on the search engine, keep the audience as your priority.

13. Content Marketing Tips – Post consistently

Every business owner’s dream is to generate leads constantly. The only way to ensure this is by posting consistently on all fronts.

Many free tools at your disposal will help you plan and publish content. Make sure to use all these free resources and plan out your content in advance. Scheduling software is available to help you post content on time, even if you forget to do it.

From the landing page to the payment page, content needs to be published to cover all parts of the sales funnel. Therefore keep all aspects of the funnel covered.

These are some content marketing tips that you can use to ace your content marketing game.

Advantages of Having a Content Marketing Plan

advantages of a content marketing plan

Now that we have seen ways to create a digital marketing campaign that works, you need to understand the benefits of having one.

Some of the advantages are as follows:

1. Brings in Targeted Visitors

When your content has keywords that match your audience’s search intent, then SEO will make sure to place it in front of them. Thus you will reach a highly particular target audience.

Since you reach a high target audience, your conversion rates will increase. Your content marketing, if planned to perfection, will be able to convert every person who visits your website.

2. Leads From Social Media

Your digital marketing or content marketing strategy is incomplete without promotion with social media.

Social media is where your audience hangs out most of the time. Therefore, it makes sense to market your business there.

Once you have successfully caught your audience’s attention there, you can divert them to your website. From the website, the digital marketing funnel begins. With carefully curated content, you can go about converting them.

3. Better User Experience

When the content is relatable and enjoyable to the audience, they like interacting with your brand. And when they enjoy interacting with you, their user experience peaks.

As mentioned earlier, SEO is the measure of user experience. Therefore, when your content marketing ensures a good experience, it will lead to better chances of ranking higher.

4. Brand Awareness Increases

Your audience is scattered throughout the world. And if you think you have reached all of them, then you are mistaken.

Your business needs a good online presence to make sure that you reach a new audience. With that, you will be able to grab your audience’s attention and increase brand awareness.

You might have made them look twice, but you need a strong content marketing strategy to retain and convert them.

5. Better Conversions

A good content marketing plan guides the customers through the content marketing funnel and facilitates easy conversion.

Content Marketing Tools

content marketing tools

Here are some content marketing tools that can help you through the way.

This is a content research tool, and it is free.

This tool helps you know what questions are being searched the most. Based on the frequently asked questions, you can frame your content. This way, your content becomes relevant and stays that way for a while.

2. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is similar to Google trends, but it is for social media. However, this tool is not free, but the first ten searches per month are free. The paid plan starts at $99.

Apart from notifying you of trending content, the tool also lets you know when your competitors post. It also informs you of who the industry leaders are in this niche. You can generate charts reports and even plan your content calendar.

3. Statista

Statista is a statistics tool, and a subscription starts from $4.5k per year.

Statistics is the most crucial part of a successful content marketing copy. But often, it is hard to find the source of a stat. And if the publication requires you to pay money for the stats, it might become quite expensive in the long run.

This tool compiles all the statistics that have been published and makes it easy for marketers to get to the source.

4. Keywords everywhere

Keywords everywhere is a keyword research tool, and it is free.

It is a Google extension that you can add to your browser. Based on the search term, the extension will pull out related keywords, long-tail keywords, and other related searches the people are looking for. You can even download all this data into an excel sheet.

But unfortunately, you will not be able to see the search volume of these words. This will make it hard to separate the important ones from the unimportant ones.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool, and a paid plan starts from $99 per month.

It will help you analyze keywords and point out the important ones.

It also compares your website with your competitors and does a detailed content gap analysis. It also informs you of their domain authority.

Ahrefs is your go-to tool if you want to spy on your competitor’s marketing tips and tricks. This will help you identify content marketing tips that will work for you.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is your one destination for everything related to websites, and it is free.

This tool gives you an insight into the number of page views your website got. It further gives you details on average session time, bounce rates, and so on.

Your pageview indicates the popularity of your content, and bounce rate indicates the quality of your content.

You can further use these metrics to optimize your website and content performance.

Lot more tools can help in the process of creating and publishing content. Make sure to do your research and get the ones that are best suited for your business.


How do you start making content?

It starts from the very basic, that is, the niche selection. Select the trending niche and one you have some background knowledge of. Do competitor analysis and select a topic with low keyword density (KD) and high search volume. Then, start making your content.

What is a content strategy?

Content strategy is about how you plan to write content, create one, publish it, and manage it. A content strategy includes the people involved in creating content until it is published. You set key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure whether the goal is achieved or not.

What is a content marketing plan?

A content marketing plan consists of setting goals to accomplish using the content. The plan is the blueprint of the whole content marketing process. It contains who will create the content and where and when it will be published.

What is a content pillar?

A content pillar is a hub topic on a particular niche. It is a long-form article with links to subtopics known as the cluster topic. The content pillar broadly explains a topic, and a user clicks on the links to learn further about the topic.

What are the types of content?

The general types of content are blogs, listicles, infographics, podcasts, videos, webinars, interviews, faqs, images, PDFs, slides, templates, and memes.

Closing Thoughts

Content marketing for your business is not a one-person or one-tool thing. It requires the combined efforts of many people and automation to make this possible.

There are many areas to save money, but content marketing is not such an area. It would be better to employ content writers, content strategists, SEO experts, and other professionals to make the job easier. Not to mention, having experts on the job means assured results.

The return on investment of your content marketing strategy is immense. Therefore spend those extra bucks and establish a plan in place.

Once you have started the process, keep these content marketing tips in mind for a seamless experience.

So what are you waiting for? Take a leap of faith and start content marketing your business. For more updates on content marketing check out our recent blogs.

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