Effective Digital Content Strategy Hacks

Effective Digital Content Strategy – 10 Hacks

Developing an efficient digital content strategy is essential in this competitive era. However, getting it right is easier said than done. Understanding your target audience thoroughly to get quality content is a time-taking gradual process.

Some specific hacks and strategies can help you with your content ventures to boost marketing efforts and to fasten up digital growth. To make your content more attractive to your audience and for maximum reach, we have created ten hacks to ignite your traffic and growth. 

Effective Digital Content Strategy Hacks

Effective Digital Content Strategy Hacks

#1 – Find Content Topics Your Readers Will Share

In the GenZ world, people constantly stay active on social media, and users like to share, post, or retweet the pieces of content they like or find relevant. So, as per your brand and products/services, you must create engaging and interesting content. You can create content pillars for product based business that will help you to create discrete content.

Mostly, you can find some “viral” news or topics and can link them to your brand in a creative way. So, look out for such viral and trending things happening around and shape those into interactive content pieces in the form of infographics, short blogs, or podcasts because the more the users share your content, the more traffic, and engagement you are likely to get.

#2 – Always Try to Tell a Story with Your Content

Your main aim should be to tell a story with the information you are offering in your content. Whether a blog post, a social media post, a video, an infographic, or a newsletter, it should speak directly to the audience.

While framing or writing the content, ask yourself what your readers want and how well your content relates to their experiences and emotions. This helps establish a genuine connection with the readers and encourages them to continue engaging with your content and brand.

Digital Content Strategy

#3 – Focus on User-Generated Content

Solely promotional content doesn’t work anymore, and to adapt to the modern digital era, you need to focus on user-generated content online. This type of content feels more natural and increases the brand’s credibility.

Ask your existing customers to post a review or make a video about their experiences with your brand. To motivate them, you can reward them with gift coupons or vouchers. Next, you can create some contests and fun-filled challenges on your social media accounts to boost engagement and earn positive comments and reviews.

#4 – Create Vibrant Graphics to Accompany Your Content

Sometimes, all your content needs is a little pick-me-up to keep your readers engaged. To do so, you need to include images, videos, GIFs, and infographics to make it visually appealing. It allows you to illustrate your story better.

As not everyone wants to read every single line of your blog post, introducing graphics throughout the content can make it more intuitive and easy to digest. Moreover, infographics and videos often serve as new ways to repurpose your content when you market it on other channels.

#5 – Email Marketing Still Holds the Key

The ROI of email marketing is 3600%, which is higher than any other marketing channel. It simply means that for every dollar you spend on email marketing, you get $36 back on average. This is why you must develop ideas to encourage people to sign up for your mailing list. You can run lead magnets on your social media profiles and website.

Next, once you get a good mailing list, you should regularly curate and send engaging email content to subscribers. Add a personal touch to the messages and promote your blog content and top-performing social posts through emails to boost traffic plus engagement.

#6 – Collaborate with Influencers

You must collaborate with online influencers to take your digital content marketing game to the next level. Many influencers are more than just awareness drivers but expert content creators who can help market your brand and products/services.

Make a list of influencers likely to have your target audience in their followers’ lists. Reach out to them and discuss the possibility of a collaboration in a creative way. This can help you reach out to many users, and as their favorite influencers talk about your brand, you will likely gain more customers.

#7 – Optimize Your Landing Pages

One of the most basic hacks is optimizing your landing pages, which many marketers overlook. The content will direct users to your website’s landing page, whether you are marketing your brand via blog posts, social media posts, or YouTube videos. This is the real deal where sale/conversion happens.

So, ensure that your landing pages are organized with relevant content and consistent CTAs. Also, it should be easier for users to navigate, and the page should load quickly for a seamless browsing experience.

#8 – Never Forget SEO

SEO is the heart of most digital content strategies. Without SEO, most of your target audience would never discover your content. You need to understand what your audience is searching for and what competitors display on those search queries.

By understanding this, you can effectively use SEO keywords in your content. Make sure to properly organize your content in small sub-sections and use maximum LSI keywords to increase the readability of your blog posts. If necessary, consult an SEO expert so that they can proofread your content from an SEO perspective before you publish it.

#9 – Use Social Media Channels to Promote Your Content

As we mentioned, social media is one of the most active channels where users spend much of their time. You can connect with your audience on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to quickly gain insights into their interests. Promote your existing blog posts and infographics/videos on your social accounts to grow traffic.

You can also repurpose your content and develop innovative formats to boost engagement. As it is social media, you never know what can suddenly make you go viral.

#10 – Update Your Old Content

The final and most crucial hack is updating or repurposing your old content regularly. As there are changes in your industry and some information from time to time, you must keep everything up-to-date in your content.

Many businesses forget about their blog posts after publishing them, but if you want to rank in search results continuously, you need to update your old content. Make it a habit and keep some days in your content marketing calendar for refreshments and updating. 

Content Marketing vs. Digital Marketing – Differences

Content marketingDigital marketing
Content  marketing is a  strategy that uses information to develop a brand.Digital marketing encompasses all your marketing channels, including social media channels, websites, and content.
It informs the users and does not sell anything.Google and social media platforms provide analytics that you can use to measure.
Content marketing provides your audience with useful and relevant information they are looking for. Digital marketing is gaining importance as  most businesses are online.
Content engages your audience and promotes your business, and generates leads. You reach your target audience easily as it is more effective than traditional advertising. 

Wrapping Up

Content marketing requires patience. While your competitors might also be following these similar hacks to solidify their content strategies, it all boils down to working on each hack effectively. Make sure to give sufficient time to every strategy we discuss; growth won’t be far away. We hope this helps. If you are looking for more updates and tips on content marketing, check out our recent blogs.


What does a content strategy include?

A content strategy includes planning, creation, publishing, and managing the content. It also includes images, videos, infographics, and other content types that are included along with the content. A content strategy delivers the right content for the audience and aligns with the business goals.

What is a content strategy in SEO?

In an SEO aspect, a content strategy helps you to separate your brand from the pack and attract your audience’s attention. Content marketing combined with SEO increases your chances of appearing in SERPs and optimizes your on-page experience. And, it offers helpful or interesting information that advertises what your business is offering.

What are the core elements of a content marketing strategy?

The core elements that a content marketing strategy must have are
A relatable target audience.
Clear and measurable goals.
Diverse content for different personas.
A platform to distribute and promote your content.

What is the purpose of a digital content strategy?

A digital content strategy is a plan that helps a business create and distribute content to reach its target audiences, build authority in its niche, generate leads, and achieve its business goals. It also associates non-digital strategies like public interviews and writing books. 

What are the types of digital marketing?

– Social media marketing.
– Search Engine marketing.
– Content marketing.
– Email marketing.
– Affiliate marketing.
– Video marketing.

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