How to Get Started with eCommerce Content Marketing

Ecommerce Content Marketing 101 – A Comprehensive Guide

Content marketing is a critical part of any business marketing strategy. When you are an online retailer, content marketing is even more important because you sell products and services that consumers can’t touch or experience until they receive their shipped item. Understanding how to market your products and services effectively is vital to a successful eCommerce business.

Ecommerce Content marketing is a great way to build up your brand to better impact your customers; whether you are a small business or a large corporation, it is essential to use the power of content marketing. Creating a successful content marketing strategy for eCommerce is challenging. This blog post will elaborate on how you can get started with your ecommerce content marketing strategy. 

What Is ECommerce Content Marketing?

Ecommerce Content marketing is delivering valuable content about a product or service to the customers. In ecommerce, content marketing is a type of marketing that refers to how an eCommerce brand creates awareness and distributes valuable content to the target audience.

Why Do Ecommerce Businesses Need Content Marketing?

Content is an essential part of all marketing strategies. Providing valuable content is non-negotiable and plays an indispensable role regardless of the niche.

Providing consistent content, such as blogs, can improve your brand visibility and make you rank in the SERP, eventually improving your organic traffic. Also, creating trustworthy information and value-added content can satisfy your potential customer. Once they are interested, they start to trust you and become a loyal customer. 

eCommerce Content marketing is a great way to attract new customers to your business. It’s also a great way to keep your existing customers coming back for more. Content marketing can help you build trust by showing your customers that you are an expert in your field. Content marketing can improve your conversion rates from potential prospects to customers.

Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategy

eCommerce Content Marketing Strategy

Usually, eCommerce brands tend to invest in paid advertising. But, when you dig into the metrics that drive real marketing ROI throughout the sales funnel, they all point to content marketing.

The end goal of the eCommerce content marketing strategy is to make the buyer make a purchase or avail a service. But developing an effective eCommerce content marketing strategy takes time and effort. To make it easy for you, we have listed the things to consider for creating an eCommerce content marketing strategy.

1. Analyze Buyer Persona

To create an effective content marketing campaign, you need to analyze the buyer persona, including their likes and preferences, as well as targeted demographics, such as age, gender, and location.

The content the consumer expects varies on where they are in the buyer funnel. To analyze this, you need to track the buyer persona and build content for every specific level of the buyer’s journey. The content can be blogs, videos, podcasts, newsletters or emails.

2. Research & Create Your Content

In creating an efficient content marketing strategy, you need to do a lot of research. From top-performing keywords to SEO competitive analysis, you need to keep tabs on it to find new opportunities.

Check for keywords your competitors are targeting, and if your site is not ranking on those, you need to work on them. Also, do not write blogs and help guides on outdated topics. Use any topic research tool to find content ideas per your audience’s needs. You will find popular and relevant topics, and then you can curate your content accordingly.

3. Create Infographics/Gift Guides

Infographics are an efficient way to convey your information visually. This makes it easier for potential customers to understand your brand and what you offer. You can explain with your infographics that you understand their pain points and how your products can help alleviate them.

Also, you can easily share these infographics over social media platforms to boost brand awareness and get additional traffic. Next, you can create gift guides for your products and services. Gift guides can be based on different occasions and relations and are great for gaining traffic around Christmas or Thanksgiving.

4. Host Reviews/Comparison Pages

Online reviews are great for impacting purchasing decisions. Nine out of ten shoppers read reviews before buying a product online. This says a lot about why a reviews page is the need of the hour for your eCommerce ventures. You can feature your customers’ reviews on the product pages to win more conversions.

Another important part of content marketing involves creating a comparison page. You can post reviews and compare your products against a competitor’s to influence buying decisions. As potential customers generally compare products before making a purchase, you will be helping them out in the process by doing so on your website. 

5. Make Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are getting popular in this YouTube era. Why? Because consumers love video content as it is easy to digest. You can also capitalize on this trend by creating video content for your audience.

The videos can be about how to use your product, how your product solves specific challenges or problems, or how it is different from other similar products. Videos can serve both purposes — educating and spreading awareness to potential buyers and helping existing customers get the most out of your products. 

6. Always Measure Results & Refresh Content

eCommerce content marketing is always an ongoing process, and improvements along the way can help you achieve the best results. You should measure important metrics, like conversion rates, leads, time on page, social shares, ROI, engagement, backlinks, organic traffic, and bounce rate.

When you analyze the results, make sure to refresh the content of the pages that are not performing well. You can also A/B test different content pages to see what works the best for your audience. Also, with changes in trends and products, be sure to you update the pages with the latest content, images, and links to deliver a better user experience. 


Content marketing campaigns are an essential component of an eCommerce business. With the right strategies and tactics, you can easily outrank your competitors with content marketing campaigns. It is now time for you to implement these ideas for your eCommerce site. If you are looking for help with your ecommerce content marketing, check out blogs

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