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How to Attract & Win Clients with Finance Content Marketing – 5 Tips & Tactics

Every business should have a content marketing strategy in this rapidly evolving online world. This is why marketers call content “King.” From helping generate leads and sales to boosting brand awareness and retaining customers, financial service firms can benefit greatly from the right finance content marketing plan.

The best part is that the stats don’t lie no matter what industry you’re in or what audience you’re targeting, the stats don’t lie. Content marketing works, and that’s why more than 70% of marketers actively invest in it.

When creating content for a finance company, marketers often face certain challenges, many of which revolve around legalities. Google doesn’t want to put up wrong financial information that can negatively impact readers’ lives and money. This is why you should first understand Google’s not-so-popular E-A-T algorithm.

This blog guide will discuss finance content marketing, why it’s necessary for your firm, and some tips to get your content plan right. Let’s get into it right away to get started.

What Is Content Marketing in the Financial Sector?

Content marketing in the financial sector means creating and sharing high-quality, helpful. Informative content related to financial services and products companies can offer their current and prospective customers.

The goal is similar to any other content marketing strategy – reach the maximum audience, engage the target audience, boost traffic, and generate leads and conversions. But, writing content and strategizing it for financial services is easier said than done.

Before we get to the strategies, let’s first check out Google’s E-A-T algorithm. 

Understanding Google’s E-A-T Content Guidelines for Finance.

Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T). This is written in Google’s Search Quality Evaluator guidelines, and businesses and marketers need to understand it clearly, especially in the financial services field.

Expertise: Let’s say that you publish an article or guide. Is the specific author of that content an expert on the topic?

Authoritativeness: What is the brand authority, and how authoritative is the author? This mainly depends on social signals, page traffic, backlinks, and mentions.

Trustworthiness: How trustworthy is the source where the article is published? The factors here can be how much traffic the source has or if it has ever received complaints.

Currently, Google doesn’t have the technology or manpower to go through each article to understand how valuable or genuine the financial services or advice are to the readers. This is why it considers the E-A-T signals to rank content. Hence, you mostly find the top brands and industry leaders ranking among the top five on the results page on Google.

Also, there are legal concerns when it comes to financial content creation. So, you need to be very thoughtful. Now, look at why you should be working on finance content marketing. 

Why Should Financial Marketers Focus on Content Marketing?

The financial services and banking industries are not the same as they were a decade ago. Customers’ preferences and behaviors are shifting and staying ahead of current trends, and finance companies must develop strategies to keep up. With the right tactics and strategies, you can get many benefits.

The Benefits of Finance Content Marketing 

 Finance Content Marketing -  benefits
Finance Content Marketing – Benefits

An Organic Way to Reach Your Target Audience

Consumers do not like sales messages these days, and if you try to push potential content onto your customers, they will likely leave. This is why you need to curate quality content that adds value. Your brand will gain authority as well with good content.

The Best Way to Reach Younger Generations

The younger generation spends much time on mobile devices and laptops scrolling through the Internet world. The traditional commercial boards and TV ads won’t work to reach this target audience. With content marketing, you can effectively attract this specific group.

More Personalized and Targeted Messaging

Consumers look for more personalized content these days, and they are, in fact, willing to pay more for it. You can boost your conversions and revenue by personalizing content with targeted messaging across different marketing channels.

Educates Your Audience

You are not just selling your financial services or products when you provide quality and informative content to your audience. You are educating them and helping them make informed decisions. With the right content in videos, e-guides, and infographics, you can deliver an exceptional experience.

Let’s move on to content marketing tips for financial service companies that can help you strategize your content.

5 Content Marketing Tips & Tactics for Finance Marketing

5 Content Marketing Tips & Tactics for Finance Marketing

Create Detailed Buyer Personas

You must understand your target audience to successfully execute your content marketing campaigns. With the help of buyer personas, you can create different buyer groups based on their needs, interests, and challenges.

To do so, you can refer to your existing list of clients and analyze the behavior of your ideal customers. To create distinct buyer personas for better results, you can take demographics, like age or location, pain points, and other relevant information.

Focus on Content that Meets Each Persona’s Challenges & Requirements

Now that you have created some ideal buyer personas, you need to focus on the content you think they would like. For each buyer persona, define their challenges and needs. Based on this, identify which type of content will best suit them.

Make sure to update your content ideas list with trending topics and fresh news from the finance industry.

Create Content for Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Apart from the buyer persona, you must focus on different stages of the buyer’s journey to deliver the appropriate content at the right time. For example, blogs and videos are great for the awareness stage, case studies and webinars for the consideration stage, and testimonials and demos for the decision stage.

As prospects learn about your company and its financial services, you can guide them down the content marketing funnel with the right content at each step.

Create & Publish SEO-Friendly Content

Any piece of content that you publish should be SEO-friendly if you want to rank well on search engines. Pay attention to title tags, image optimization, keyword placement, meta descriptions, backlinks, and page speed.

Also, competitive analysis is crucial to produce better and more unique content. So, it is best to check what your competitors are writing and work on your content accordingly.

Become a Leader in the Finance Service Industry through Consistent Writing

Consumers are always looking for financial information through trusted sources with authority. To become one, consistency is the key. Set yourself apart by regularly publishing engaging, informative, and helpful content on different marketing channels.

Plan your strategic content calendar each month and manage your marketing campaign accordingly. This can help you build brand awareness and authority over time.


What is finance content marketing?

Finance content marketing services create digital content that target audiences find useful to build trust and relationships between the brand and its customers. The goal is to create content that answers the financial questions of the audience and takes the financial product to potential customers.

How do you attract content marketing clients?

The best way to attract content marketing clients is to observe them. When you watch their actions, you can easily figure out what they are looking for and make a strategy to provide them with the answers in different ways.

How is marketing used in finance?

The finance industry needs to forecast how much money will come back. You can integrate your analytics platform with the existing financial reporting system to determine your marketing ROI, revealing the real value of marketing investments to the finance client.

How does content marketing help customers?

Content marketing help customer’s by:
– Answering their pain points.
– Helping to build trust.
– Improving conversations.
– Generating leads.

What are the most recent trends in financial services?

The financial industry is going through a digital transformation. The emergence of cryptocurrency, FinTech companies, and AI-based communications and transactions.

Wrapping Up

Quality content is important in the financial sector to grow traffic, capture leads, boost awareness, build authority, and educate your audience. You can follow the tips in this article to make a winning content strategy for your company.

However, if you don’t have dedicated in-house resources for your content ventures, you can opt for outreach services. If you are looking for more finance content marketing ideas, check out our recent blogs.

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