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Real Estate Content Marketing – 6 Best Practices

Content marketing is a great way to get exposure for your business. As with many industries, real estate agencies, realtors, and brokers often deal with abundant competition. This means that it’s particularly important to dig deeper into your audience to find the information they are looking for. This blog will help you get started on your real estate content marketing.

What Is Real Estate Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a valuable tool for building brand awareness and driving leads in today’s digitalized world. Facilitating real estate content marketing can improve your presence as an expert in your domain. This can increase your referrals and help potential clients think of you when they consider buying or selling a home.

Real Estate Content Marketing Best Practices

Real estate content marketing best practices

1. Define Your Content Marketing Goals

Determining what your audience wants to read is the first step in creating an effective real estate content marketing campaign. Identify what people in your specific niche want. Use tools, such as Google Keyword Planner or ‘People also ask for’ in Google. Analyzing where the content gap is between you and your competitors will be the key to your success.

Determine a goal and create content favouring a plan. Separate your content according to specific categories like buyers, sellers, generic property information, and how-to guide. Create and follow a content calendar. You need to clearly define your goals to make sure you stay on the right path. real estate content marketing

2. Create Real Estate Content Ideas 

Creating unique real estate content marketing ideas shows your experience within your industry. When people look to buy, sell, or rent a home, they need a knowledgeable pro in their corner. If they stumble across your content, they may start to view you as a viable candidate to help them.

In real estate content marketing, when you are creating your content, it is important to remember that you are serving people with your experience. It is not just about buying and selling properties. You cannot try to sell services right away, you need to first convince them that you know what you’re talking about. So you need to analyze and develop content to make you stand out from the rest of your competitors and encourage people to choose you.

Blogs / Articles 

Create updated blogs to share informational content with your potential customers. Suppose your audience is homebuyers; you need to create informative content on buying experiences, such as how-to guides and the buying process, as well as what mistakes to avoid, and what things you should verify with a real estate agent. Because buyers may not have the ideal amount of knowledge of the process, they might constantly search for resources that can help them with the entire process. You can also create FAQs on the buying processes and real estate industry updates.

In real estate content marketing, instead of promoting your services, if you provide them with valid information about the real estate industry, they will begin to trust you, which might lead to converting an audience to potential customers. Also, keep your content precise and stay within the brand to keep you engaged with the customer.


Perform immense market research and analysis before putting forth information. Utilize your time to do extensive market research to provide actionable insight to serve the readers. Giving your audience actionable insight will make them choose you and boost your credibility.


You can also create engaging, visual content, such as the buying process or home maintenance content by creating attractive images or videos.

Creating pictures and videos of the properties that you have listed on your site authorizes the content you provide. You can also add walk-through videos of the properties, so if someone wants to share them with their family for further decisions.

You can also create visual content on home maintenance, home inspiration videos, property and neighbourhood tours, and addressing issues in the home buying process. It would be an effective strategy to help pull in more potential customers. Because people are always searching for effective tips to maintain their homes, providing such content will allow you to be more accessible to a broader range of people who may later be your clients. Providing engaging and attractive content will make the audience revisit your website.

Pro Tip: Professionally taken photos of your properties have more chance of getting clicked. Linked images to desired property information will also give your more clicks.

3. Compelling Storytelling

Real estate content marketing is a powerful way to support your marketing initiatives, reach your target audience, and bring more leads to your business. To contribute to that, you need to create compelling storytelling.

Storytelling can be an extremely useful tool in a competitive market. You can tell your stories through a variety of different media. It can be a video blog, an article, or a podcast. You can also post your content on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, elaborated on further reading. You can even use email marketing to get your content in front of the right eyes. The sky is the limit when it comes to content marketing. You can transform the way you market yourself and your business.

4. Local SEO

Being accessible to a local audience is essential for a real estate agency. Enhancing your Local SEO can be done by optimizing your Google My Business. This is where an updated Google My Business profile is key.

Google My Business will enable you to add your desired Business Information, your services, your previous customers’ ratings, testimonials, office hours, and your brand images. It also allows you to post the latest updates with images and descriptions. This GMB info will be crawled by Google Maps and make you featured on the 1st page of Google SERP. 

Page one of SERPs and Google Maps are often the first touchpoints with prospects, and for a sector, such as real estate, that’s keenly tethered to location, Local SEO is a baseline marketing necessity.

Performing Local SEO will optimize your content according to targeted demographics. Performing Local SEO and optimizing your content accordingly is the best way to improve your online presence in real estate content marketing. If you are writing an article, you should target the prospective buyers or sellers in a specific area first. Incorporating real estate SEO would help you stand out from the crowd by ranking high in the SERP whenever someone searches for prospective realtors.

5. Utilize Social Media

The use of social media is essential, especially for a B2C brand to reach out to customers and attract a new base. Content creation has become a very important aspect for businesses that are active on social media because serving people with content at potential customer touchpoints can improve your viewability and promote higher conversions. Tools, such as Buffer will enable you to publish on all social media platforms with customization to specific platforms. 

6. Measure Your Performance

Utilize content marketing analytics to track and analyze your current performance. Content marketing analytics gives you the opportunity to improve and increase your ROI. Using tools, such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics can provide insight into what people are searching for in your particular domain. In this case, you might find queries on buying and selling homes. This can give you ideas on what people are searching for by helping you curate content accordingly. 

Content marketing analytics enables you to identify critical factors of your competitors and what you are lacking behind. You can track your KPIs and metrics to help you reach your desired goals.

Leverage the user-generated data to help you understand your audience. Leveraging data for your benefit can give you insight when creating personalized, effective real estate marketing campaigns, targeting particular demographics, and reducing efforts on unwanted advertising.

Closing Thoughts

To summarize, real estate content marketing is a great way to get your name out on the internet and into the minds of potential customers. By creating helpful content for your target audience, you can build a reputation as an expert in the real estate industry. Please feel free to give us feedback on content marketing tips or any other questions you may have about real estate content marketing. We love to hear your questions and comments. Do visit our latest blogs to learn more about our content marketing services.

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