Research Strategies for Content Marketing

9 Research Strategies for Content Marketing – Content Marketing Tips 101

Research strategies for content marketing are essential to creating remarkable content. Content creation is a challenge for content marketers. You must develop new content ideas, analyze the current trends, create an engaging structure, and include graphics. What is more, even after doing all this, there is a lot of competition online. To develop the best marketing content, your research strategies for content marketing should be accurate and high-quality. You must have a robust research game to set your content apart from competitors and reach the maximum audience.

From knowing what your readers want to search for what’s already out there on the web, you need to analyze and develop a winning content marketing strategy to craft your content. If you are confused about where to start your research, we have outlined some proven research strategies for the content marketing game in 2022. Let’s dive right in.

9 Research Strategies for Content Marketing 

Research Strategies for Content Marketing 
Research Strategies for Content Marketing 

Talk Directly to Your Readers

This is part of the audience assessment because you want to understand the behaviour of your prospects. Sure, one-on-one conversations will take time, but you will have authentic interactions, leaving you with a wealth of information. Contact your readers via email or schedule a short call with them. Focus on their common problems and challenges. Ask what they like about your content and what is irrelevant to them. Also, ask what kind of content they want to see more of. Record these conversations and work on the important responses to create your content marketing plan.

Check Your Blog Comment Sections Regularly

Firstly, you should turn on your blog comments so that different readers can interact and leave their valuable feedback directly on your blog pages. Next, you should keep an eye on these comment sections to see how your audience responds to the existing content. You never know what essential pieces of information and advice you might find there. It also helps you understand what readers are thinking. This insight allows you to repurpose your content and design different blogs your readers will like.

Send Email Surveys

This is also a crucial part of the audience assessment. If you have an engaged list of emails, you can easily share a short and quick survey to get their important feedback. Make sure to keep the survey limited to just a couple of open-ended questions. You can boost your response rates by including an interactive form with a checklist or Yes/No questions. As soon as you receive responses, arrange them in a spreadsheet and analyze them to get your takeaway. This will help you discover how your existing readers are digesting your content so that you can create more relatable and better content.

Check Popular Questions on Google

Google dominates the search engine market, accounting for around 92% of all worldwide search traffic. So, it is vital to find out what questions most people search for on Google. To do so, you have two options. You can start typing your topic or primary keyword to see related searches below. Or you can visit the search results, where there will be a section “People also ask.” This is a great section for content creation. You will find relevant and good questions related to your topic, which will help you shape your content.

Do a Competitor Analysis

Scanning and analyzing other blogs related to your topic of interest is one of the best ways to see what works best with your audience. Not just blogs, you can even scroll through your competitor’s social media handles to see what kind of posts people are engaging with. You can use Ahrefs to see the most popular posts and analyze the metrics. From here, you should be able to understand the type of format that’s getting ranked, the typical word count, and the structure of the content. This can help you create and market your content for maximum reach and engagement.

Research Industry Trends

Industry research is one of the most crucial strategies to identify the topics and news readers are more likely to respond to. Using industry trends data, you can quickly develop different content ideas for various marketing channels. To find and analyze industry trends, research reports from leading companies can be examined. There’s a lot of information that you can use to shape your content marketing strategy. Make this a weekly thing, so you don’t miss out on important trends.

Identify the Networks Where Your Audience Shares Content

You should identify content marketing channels where most shares are taking place. Analyze your social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit to know your audience. This can help you strategize your content promotion and distribution strategies for those particular networks. By posting content regularly on these channels, you will likely get more engagement, and the shareability of your content may also increase. To curate better content and refine your content marketing strategies, look at the most-shared content and posts on individual channels.

Look for Backlink Opportunities & Social Influencers

After publishing your content, you can’t simply hope your audience will find it. Because of the ever-growing competition, you need to practice backlinking and social promotion. This is a research phase work, as you will create your content quality according to your connections for backlinks and social shares. Try reaching out to influencers related to your industry on social media and look for bloggers and other relevant companies for business collaboration opportunities. This can help you strengthen your outreach game, and your content may organically get engagement through different channels.

Brainstorm for Better Content Ideas

In content marketing, one of the biggest challenges is coming up with unique and original ideas. Whatever topic you try to come up with, there is usually something related that is already covered on the web. This is why brainstorming is a necessity. You can schedule some brainstorming sessions once you finish all the other strategies mentioned above. This will help you introduce a creative angle to your topic. Make sure to include multiple writers and marketers in such sessions and listen to all the ideas. Make a list and analyze it after each session to find the best ideas.


How do you research content marketing?

The best way to start research for content marketing is
– Discussion with the employees who know more about their process. 
– Analyze social media platforms for feedback, both positive and negative.
– Creating and distributing survey forms to know the end user’s response.
– Perform competitor research and keyword analysis to find the keyword that ranks.

What are the strategies of content marketing?

The content marketing strategies include framing a plan, collecting keywords, creating pillar topics, building a topic repository, and deciding the content type and the publishing platform. It doesn’t stop with that and includes the metrics required to measure the result and recommend improvement.

What are your best methods to do research for content?

Below are mentioned a few of the best research methods.

– Learn from your competitors.
– Be active and observe from social media.
– Research on quora.
– Watch YouTube videos on the particular niche.

Why is research important for content?

Research is important for content as it helps you to understand your audience’s needs and provide the best answer. The research adds credibility to your content when you include the source of your data. Also, research helps you to find where your audiences are and how they engage with brands.

How do you research social media content?

You can start by conducting research on your customers’ objectives and your competitors’ goals. Some tools predict what the user requires and in what form they require. You can use free tools like Google Adwords keywords planner and Google Trends.

Wrapping Up

Time to improve your research strategies for content marketing! Research is an essential phase in the field of content marketing. It can help you shape your content and market it on different channels. With the strategies mentioned above, you can ensure that you attract your target audience with topics and content that matter to them. So, the next time you plan your piece of content, look at these strategies in the research phase and try them.

You never know what might work best for you. Also, never start your content marketing campaigns without proper research, and always document your research strategies to refer back to them for future campaigns. If you are looking for more strategies related to content marketing, check out our recent blogs.

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