social media calendar ideas

11 Social Media Calendar Ideas

Social media calendar ideas help marketers to plan, organize, and schedule posts that align with their business goals. They are a must for a content strategist. They come as a relief for a busy marketer. It’s planning ahead for what’s going live on your website and your marketing channels

As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail; social media marketing will lose focus. The first step to creating something awesome is a plan. To help you plan a little while ahead, you can create a monthly social media calendar to be ready to post when necessary.

Why Social Media Calendar?

You can organize your posts into what goes when and where. A social media calendar helps you to track the campaigns and helps you to align with your business goals. Every business promotes its brands, services, and products on social media. 

Visual Tool

A social media calendar is a visual tool that shows what posts have gone live and what is yet to be published. With a social media calendar, you can visualize the gaps you can fill with relevant posts. 

A visual tool can be in the form of Google sheets, Excel sheets, or Trello cards. It is shared across the organization, making it accessible to everyone to know the status of social media posts.

Consistent Brand Voice

As a B2B or B2C business provider, you must have a voice above everyone. You need your voice to be a leader in your niche and be heard in the competitive marketplace.

The social media platform is the best place to mark your presence. You can share the features of your brand, product or services and talk about your future plans, and your audience and potential customers get a chance to talk to you. 

Social media calendar ideas give you clarity about the posts you will use for the campaign. You can use the posts consistently across various social media platforms. 

Track Results

Having a social media calendar allows the marketer to plan the resources and execute them so that you get your ROI. All marketing efforts must align with your business and marketing goals. The marketing analytics you have in each social media platform facilitates the marketer to analyze what kind of post worked well with the audience and which posts brought leads.

You can draft questions to assess your progress, such as whether all the planned posts worked as planned, whether those achieved the goals, and did they help conversions. 

Ability to Foresee

Setting up a social media calendar is not a one-time job. You have to revisit it often to fit your goal and purpose. If you have holidays approaching, you should be prepared with your posts. With a solid system in hand, you won’t panic about handling the approaching deadlines.

 A social media content calendar can help you stay organized with your posts and keep track of collaborations, promotions, and marketing themes. It also gives you a beneficial big-picture overview of your brand’s strategy on a particular social media platform.

Social media calendar ideas
Social media calendar ideas

Social Media Calendar Ideas to Fill Your Content Calendar 

Making your presence on a social media platform helps businesses gain visibility and increase website traffic. It requires a clear strategy to achieve your goals. Business goals are not restricted to sales and revenue, but they help more with building your reputation while engaging and retaining customers. 

You can find the following social media calendar ideas in almost all your business accounts. These tell the audience more about you and what you do, pushing them to learn more about you before they initiate a business conversation with you.

1. We Are Hiring

As your business expands, you need diverse talents and employees to work for you to get the job done. Businesses mandatorily need a marketing and sales team.  Social media strategists, marketing strategists, graphic designers, and website designers will be a part of your team.

When you post such job posts on your social media channels, they advertise more about the nature of the work you do. Have such posts occasionally on your social media channels. It not only brings in new talents but shows that you are expanding.

2. Employee Spotlight

Talk about your employees. Get their testimonial, and post it on social media. You can have posts where your employees talk about their experience of working on a project and how they felt after it was released and used by the customers.

Plan posts celebrating their work anniversary and success stories. You can share their personal interests or talents and have a video showcasing them playing an instrument or their favorite game. 

That’s how you can encourage your employees to pursue their passion and support work-life balance. 

3. Behind the Screens

You must have many activities in your organization. Record all of them. Plan a photo dump or video clippings of all the events that were held during the month. You are making a record of all the excitement and sharing it with your stakeholders.

Don’t restrict behind-the-screen posts to work alone. You can post posts of your employees at other odd jobs or a post of your employee cooking their favorite meal or checking out a local book fair.

4. A Day in Office

A busy Monday, quick meeting, team lunch, or a weekend wrapping of work. It’s all in-office hours. Capture each moment and relish it forever by posting it on social media. Businesses anchor themselves in the digital world for visibility, traffic, and engagement.

Venturing social media helps you gain partners if you are a B2B business solution provider. Be sure to have a social media strategist, a graphic designer, or a person who could do both.

5. Hacks

Post useful life hacks, business hacks, and marketing hacks. Your audience will love them all. You can get philosophical at times. You can’t be all work and no play. Share posts on how to take care of your mental health.

You can share your personal experience of how you tackled a hard situation in life or in business. A small piece of information can be very significant for someone with a startup in your niche.

    6. Did-You-Know?

    Interesting marketing facts and figures that might be of interest to your audience, followers, and B2B stakeholders and attract engagement with them. You can share curated facts as “did-you-know?” posts. Mark on your social media calendar when such posts must be published.

    Ask your social media marketer to collect rare facts about business, marketing, and sales and make “did-you-know?” posts.

    7. Glossary

    Of the many social media calendar ideas, a must-try is to have a glossary of terms and terminologies. Include new words, definitions, and phrases that are used in marketing. Keep it very short and share them with proper hashtags

    8. Statistics

    Numbers are inspiring. People trust it when you say it with numbers. Not just numbers, but with relevant proof of source. Share demographic statistics of your niche. Graphs, charts, and comparative figures make your audience understand why your product or service is important and how yours stands out from the crowd.

    9. Memes

    Memes are images, videos, or phrases with a hidden meaning you can laugh about. They convey a lot of thoughts on a lighter side. The social media content manager remains updated with the latest trends and uses them to convey some meaningful messages.

    10. Product Launch

    Don’t miss out on new product launch announcements, releases, and press conferences. They make an abundant supply of social media posts. As your product is on its way to development, announce its tentative delivery date and keep your audience hooked to your posts.

    Before you release it, share its features, ask people to comment on it, and ensure you have the necessary hashtags. After you release the product, invite your audience to use it and share their experience. 

    Such user-generated content drives your marketing efforts with ease, and when they tag their friends, such posts can go viral.

    11. Take A Poll

    Taking surveys, feedback, and conducting polls will give you a glimpse of what your audience likes and dislikes.


    1. Where can you find social media calendar ideas?

    Visit your competitor’s site and analyze the types of posts on their social media channels. Find the post that has the most user engagement and fill your social media calendar with those ideas.

    2. What can you post when you run out of ideas?

    You can post photos and videos of your business, post motivational quotes, host surveys, and share the results.

    3. How to grow the audience on social media?

    By posting consistently on topics that your audience likes to read and share.

    Final Thoughts

    Social media calendar ideas can keep your marketing efforts engaged, pre-planned, and prepared. Using relevant tools for each platform, you can evaluate how many of your posts are shared, likes, re-posted, or re-tweeted. These analytics help you to improve your business and marketing efforts.

    You can plan for a monthly or a yearly calendar and keep tweaking it so that the posts and the campaigns suit your audience’s preferences. Do you wish to expand your followers and audience base on your social media platforms? Contact us, and we will help you with strategies that allow you to plan and execute your business goals.

    The ultimate goal of your business is to generate leads, improve sales, and increase revenue. It all starts with a small and simple step: your social media content calendar. Follow our blogs to learn more about content marketing, content strategy, and social media marketing.

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