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7 Free Social Media Content Calendar Templates in Google Sheets

It’s essential to provide the audience with high-quality content at the appropriate time. To manage everything at the moment, you may need assistance. Here is a social media content calendar templates to help you organize your content, and never miss a deadline.

Were you spending a lot of time and money to organize and plan your business goal, using various calendar options? Why not build your calendar sheet using multiple templates based on your daily routine? Yes, you can create your social media content calendar templates in Google Sheets.

What Is a Content Calendar?

A content calendar helps you to organize your content, whether it is a new article or an updated one. It provides information about the focus keyword, the meta description, and the publication location.

The use of this calendar by content creators will help them keep track of their posts and plan their ideas.

Why Do You Need a Social Media Content Calendar Templates?

Each person has a unique way of working. When it comes to developing a system that works for the whole team, you may need a social media content calendar templates so you can plan and schedule the content. 

There are numerous templates available on the Internet, but they may not meet your calendar schedule expectations. As a result, it is preferable if you have the opportunity to schedule the calendar as you prefer. 

Why Use a Google Sheets Social Media Content Calendar?

  • It makes it more productive because you don’t have to switch between many tabs. All content is in one location.
  • The plan is simple to understand, you can stay on course, and you can always meet deadlines.
  • Keeps you better organized and links to your previous content.
  • Makes it to the social media post on time because you can schedule your content in advance. 
  • You can work together with your coworkers on the social media calendar, using Google Sheets, keeping everyone informed of due dates and tasks.  

An Outline of a Social Media Content Calendar Templates

With these essential components, you can organize your social media content at a higher level:


In order for them to comprehend the details of the calendar, the key should be simple to read. 

URLs and UTM

It is easier to monitor social media posts and website traffic. By tracking URLs and UTMs, you can find which content engages social media users, and which content converts.

The Date and Time

You can keep track of the workflow, using the date and time without constantly updating it.


A caption or brief message can help others within and outside your group understand what the post is about.


Track your social media campaigns in your content calendar by writing a list of the campaign’s names.


Adding images to the content calendar helps your team members understand what you are sharing and when. 

Steps to Make Social Media Content  Calendar Templates In Google Sheets

Here are the steps to make calendar templates in Google Sheets:

Step 1: Open a New Spreadsheet

Open a new Google Sheet. Once you open the spreadsheet, remember to rename the file name. It helps you find the file easily.

Step 2: The Formatting Procedure

Select the columns you need to work on and merge them. 

Assign the month:

  1. Type the first date of the month in the cell, for example, 01/11/22.
  2. Select Format  →  Number → Custom date and time.
  3. Select the month and year. 

Step 3: Give Your Columns a Name

The name depends on the information you have. Some topics are:

  • Due date
  • Publish date
  • Topic
  • Social media
  • Link 
  • Status

Step 4: Data filling

  • Now, you can fill in the data in the empty column. It’s optional, and you can change the font size and color.
  • Once the data is entered into the first cell, you can drag it to the column you want to continue.

Step 5: Add Checkboxes

The next step is to add checkboxes, and you will post the same content on other social media channels. For that, you have to add data validation to your spreadsheet.  Select the cells, then click “Data – Data Validation” under the criteria, check the box, and save.

Social Media Content Calendar Templates – Data Validation

Step 6: Add Drop-Down Menu

You can add drop-down menus if you only want to type the name and post the status. Using this, you must list members’ names and posts only once.

Step 7: Add color

The color can be used to draw attention to any important track, as well as a sent or pending post.

Step 8: Duplicate the file

Once you finish the calendar template, you can duplicate the file and use it for subsequent months.

Step 9: Columns and rows freeze.

To freeze the column or rows, click View → Freeze.

Social Media Content Calendar Templates in Google Sheet

List of Social Media Content Calendar Templates in Google Sheets:

  • Dashboard Templates
  • Annual Templates
  • Schedule Templates
  • Strategy Plan Templates
  • Audit Templates
  • Report Templates
  • Templates for Editor Calendar 

Dashboard Templates:

You can use this dashboard calendar template for social media campaign analysis. Certainly, individual campaigns can be scheduled. Track the performance of each post over the course of a week, or a day.

Annual Content Calendar Templates:

The annual content calendar sheets provide a yearly overview of each post along with information about the author, person, or department in charge, the status call to action, and the success measurement. Additionally, it has content archives, so you can proactively plan your campaigns.

Schedule Templates

This schedule template makes it simple to manage all the logistical information, including title, character count, document content, and posting date.

Strategy Plan Templates

Using the analysis section, you can define the target audience. Other than that, you can determine your competitor’s weaknesses and strengths.

Audit Templates

To find and understand the effectiveness of your campaigns, you can use these audit templates. Changes occurred monthly and weekly for auditing the traffic, profile name, and link lists.

Reports Templates

You can do a weekly or monthly report on the content and how it reaches the audience. Organizing the reports allows you to determine whether they trend upward or downward.

Templates for Editor Calendars

Using Editor Calendar Templates, you can analyze the monthly and quarterly editorial details. Quarterly sample events, like sales cycles or holidays, are already pre-filled into the templates. By selecting the monthly tabs, you can schedule social media editorial projects and target audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a social media content calendar template?

A social media content calendar helps you save time by keeping all your ideas in one spreadsheet.

What are the steps to take when creating a content calendar?

– Identify the type of your content.
– Define your goals.
– Analyze the performance.
– Research your competitors.

Which tool is commonly used to create content calendars?

The preferred tool is Google Sheets, which is used to create content calendars.

How do you organize the content of a calendar?

The key components of a content calendar are the start date, finish date, publish date, content heading, and links.

Final Thoughts

So, from now on, you don’t need those calendar applications that create a hectic scheduling process for you. You can create your content calendar in Google Sheets effortlessly. But if you don’t have time to make the calendar from scratch, you can use the social media content calendar templates mentioned above to help you organize.

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