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Social Media Content Creation Made Easy in 8 Steps – A Beginners Guide

Social networking is no longer just a fad. Today’s social media platforms appear to have outgrown their infancy, and moved into a more mature phase, transitioning from being an uncharted, cutting-edge technology to an everyday cultural norm. Nowadays, practically any business can gain from social media, and those that aren’t on board risk greatly losing out!

Making the most of every opportunity is a key component of being a successful marketer, and this is certainly true with social media content creation, especially given how quickly it is expanding. You should spend money reaching out to your target demographic on these well-known networks because they are there spending time there.

One of the most important factors for reaching success in a social media strategy is content marketing. Content marketing is much more than you thought of selecting a photo, writing down a caption, and planning it to post. You may have the best strategies for your business, but it is nothing without content marketing. Many marketers wonder how they can feel connected with their audience, How they can reach their audience? Why is the business not getting enough results? The answer to all the questions is CONTENT.

Social media is all about conversing with others whether through chats or posts. So, if you are not using a social media platform to create good content:

Social Media Content Creation
Social Media Content Creation

Why Do You Need Social Media Content Creation?

Content is critical to attaining business and social media goals like brand recognition, thought leadership, audience engagement, and lead generation. Social media content creation enables you to solidify your position as a go-to destination for your consumers’ pleasure, education, or inspiration.

Advantages of having an efficient method for social media content creation, such as:

  1. Ensures Higher Quality
  2. Saves Time
  3. Has High Transparency

Ensures Higher Quality

You can choose the voice and aesthetic of your brand by using social media content creation. Every post you make to your social media channels should be error-free and consistent with your core message because there are established approval and review procedures.

Saves Time

Your workflow can run well if you stick to a predetermined procedure. The process of creating social media content is more effective when it follows a pre-planned workflow. Content development takes less time because there is a step-by-step process and everyone is aware of what to do next.

Has High Transparency

Every member of the team should be aware of the progress of the current content pieces. For instance, graphic designers should be aware of what material is provided to them next if a social media post is in the “copywriting” stage. The process is transparent when everyone is aware of the timetable, as well as their own and the other team members’ responsibilities.

Social Media Content Creation in a Step-by-Step Process

Without a clear procedure, posting on social media is like building a house without a blueprint. There is no basis for success. Additionally, bear in mind that your content development process will differ from that of other businesses depending on your target audience, brand specialty, and goals.

Step-by-Step Social Media Content Creation Process

Step 1: Define Your Main Point

First, decide what the main point of your piece is. What does it cover? What message are you trying to send with this post?

Every post should also support a specific objective, like raising awareness or boosting interaction. Alternatively, you can want to increase your following.

For instance, if you emphasize sustainability-related topics more in your postings, you may notice your Instagram followers count increase by the end of the year.

Step 2: Choose the Channels for Content Promotion

The next step is to choose the location to post the content. The most popular platforms, up until recently, were Facebook and Instagram, but today social media content producers are now connecting with audiences on Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and Linkedin.

Social media content creation
Content Promotion Channels

Questions to consider:

  • Who and where are the members of your target audience?
  • Where are your rivals displaying their advertisements?
  • How many social media platforms can you reliably manage?

Instagram sees about 1,070 photographs posted every second, whereas Twitter sees about 9,460 new tweets per second. Where do you have the best chance to advance?

Step 3: Establish the Content Types

Not all content kinds are successful on every social media channel since each one has a unique audience. So, you must pick which content to employ and mix for each article or campaign.

For example, Instagram users are used to briefing texts and visual information, whereas Twitter or Facebook users are more likely to read lengthy postings. You should always accompany photographs with words rather than just giving visual signals.

What statistically works on each platform is as follows:

Facebook: Blog postings and quick videos are popular there. Facebook users like videos five times more than photographs, and video material receives 59% higher engagement than other content kinds. Keep your films to one to two minutes, as this length performs best.

Instagram: The greatest content on Instagram is images, infographics, quotes, and tales. As high-resolution visual content is more likely to garner attention, be sure to post it.

Twitter: Twitter is used for breaking news, updates, and announcements. With 63% of users between the ages of 35 and 65, Twitter’s audience is primarily older.

Pinterest: Use Pinterest to share infographics, GIFs, and step-by-step visual instructions. Make sure your material is visually appealing considering that this site is all about aesthetics.

LinkedIn: You ought to put more official information there, such as blog entries, corporate updates, in-depth how-tos, research, and business news. Providing articles related to your sector and the newest trends is a good method to draw viewers, and participate in group conversations as well.

Step 4: Make a Simple Version

Invite the copywriter and designer on your social media team to help you create a simple version of your content. Identify potential social media post topics and match them to your main message, objective, and topic.

Start by creating content that effectively conveys your message. Provide a supporting graphic after that, like a picture, a video, a graph, or a GIF. Say you wanted to convey the information below: A waffle iron served as the model for the first pair of Nike shoes. In this instance, the graphic can show a waffle maker transforming into a pair of Nikes.

Make the content at the bottom a little more descriptive by providing specifics regarding who created the original pair of Nikes and the inspiration behind them.

Step 5: Evaluate Your Content

Make sure all necessary parties have vetted anything you plan to publish. For instance, get input on the topic from your product team if you are discussing your products.

Analyzing your social media posts is essential since it will give you the chance to make changes and get a different perspective.

Step 6: Modify Your Content

Make the required adjustments and customize your material for each channel after receiving feedback.

Remember the following points:

Instagram allows you to add captions with 2,200 characters, whereas Twitter only allows 240 characters for tweets. Unfortunately, the Instagram caption truncates after 125 characters, so if you intend to write a lengthier description, start with the most important details.

The recommended image size for LinkedIn is 552 x 368 pixels. Otherwise, they are trimmed at the bottom following LinkedIn’s censors. You can only upload 9 photographs at a time as opposed to Instagram’s 10.

Consider each channel’s video length as well. On Instagram, you can post one-minute videos, and on LinkedIn, ten-minute videos. Save the longer portions of your videos for Facebook or edit them to make them shorter so they can be used on other sites. Last, but not least, remember to use relevant hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

Step 7: Finalize Your Content by Reviewing It

One final inspection is necessary before publishing any content on a channel. The post needs to be formatted properly for the particular platform. Your social media manager is the best person to take on this duty.

You can create high-quality content as a result with little to no changes in the value and recognition of your brand.

Step 8: Put the Posts Online

If you are satisfied with your material, post it on the appropriate social media platforms. But, keep in mind that providing content haphazardly could do more harm than good for your engagement.

Depending on when your audience is most engaged, there may be a difference in the optimal time to post material to your social media accounts. To find out this information, click on the Analytics tab, then publish the item as necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the guiding principles for content creation?

The four guidelines for creating content are true, understandable, identifiable, and pertinent.

Is content creation good for social media?

It’s profitable. Every network has unique engagement benefits. As trends change and develop, creative content can continue to expand and engage the audience by maintaining a presence on a select number of networks.

The Takeaway

You can create social media content that connects with clients and increases revenue for your company by using the advice in this article. The creative options on social media are endless. You need to increase your presence on well-known platforms and try out new ones. You can engage more people overall, and connect with various audiences by doing this.

The process of social media content creation may initially appear daunting, but with careful planning and study, it may turn out to be a lot simpler than initially believed. You may increase the visibility of your brand with time, effort, and a little innovation. Good fortune!

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