Content Curation Examples

Content Curation Examples That Will Blow Your Mind「2023」

Okay, hear me out! As much as your loyal customers love your brand, they don’t want to see it all the time, okay? So, if you keep pushing your brand with no rhyme or reason, you might, unfortunately, lose your loyal customers.

But guess what they won’t mind? They won’t mind leaning on your social platforms, blogs, newsletters, and other outlets of yours. And by curating your content with regard to your audience you’ll definitely see exponential growth in your business.

If you are worried about how to curate your content accordingly, we have listed five of the best content curation examples in this article to help!

So are you ready to curate your content? These astounding content curation examples will be your guides. And trust me when I tell you, by the end of this article, you’ll be on your way to becoming a savvy content curator.

What Is Content Curation?

Content Curation Examples
Content Curation Examples

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, curation is the act or process of selecting and organizing (something, such as articles or images) for distribution or publication.

Similarly, content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular content or area of interest. Usually, the content is curated with the intention of adding value. Content is curated by selecting, organizing, and looking after the content.

Curated content, no matter where it is curated, is usually created by one source that shares content that comes under a particular niche created by other brands or people. A good and easily recognizable example of content curation is Spotify’s curated playlist. In Spotify’s curated playlists, you will see how each playlist highlights songs created by various artists around the world.

While the content you are curating is someone else’s original content, borrowing it can be beneficial if you think your followers will find the information interesting or valuable.

Content Curation Examples

Why Must One Curate Content?

The internet is a cesspool of information. There is an overwhelming amount of information available on this massive platform that no one can take in everything all at once without feeling like their brain is going to explode. That’s where content curation comes in. When you curate content your audience will find it easy to engage with the content that’s most useful to them.

Not convinced, yet? Here’s why introducing content curation is a worthwhile decision:

Content Curation Examples
Why Must One Curate Content? Content Curation Examples
  • To save time: When compared to creating original content, content curation takes significantly less time.
  • To fill your content calendar: If you feel like you don’t have enough resources to create original content, content curation can help fill the gaps and still impress your target audience.
  • To make a good impression: Your followers will see your brand as a thought leader when they can rely on you to share quality content from around the web.
  • To stay relevant: When you choose and publish your curated content, you make it clear to your audience that you’re up to date on the trends that matter to them.
  • To connect with influencers: When you share curated content, you are sharing other content relevant to your topic. Thus, curating content will help you connect and collaborate with other people like influencers who can help grow your business.
Content Curation Examples

Content Curation Examples:

Now that we know what content curation is and why it is useful let us dive right in to look at some content curation examples, shall we?

1. Spotify’s Curated Playlists

Content Curation Examples
Spotify’s Curated Playlist – Content Curation Examples

This example was already given briefly because Spotify”s curated playlist is one of the best content curation examples out there. As any Spotify user or music lover knows, the front page of Spotify features a wholesome, refreshing dose of curated playlists based on your listening patterns. Whether it’s sad songs, homework vibes, today’s top pop hits, podcasts, or even comedy specials, Spotify adds a layer of software engineering and machine learning to content curation. 

Spotify, the entire application, is one that collects original content from other creators and features it through various means, one of those means being curation. Spotify can be seen as a prime example by marketers out there as an application that is not scared to mix and spice things up. Curating content for different niches is big and once we get the hang of it, we would be unstoppable.

Content Curation Examples

2. Canva’s Insta (@canva)

Content Curation Examples
Canva’s Curated Instagram Feed – Content Curation Examples

Oh, Canva! Everyone’s favorite designing tool! It is no surprise that our favorite non-Adobe graphic design program naturally has an Instagram account that is curated to absolute perfection. Canva’s Instagram profile is a mixture of typography elements, images, and graphics that showcase all of the features that the program offers.

Here, canva not only carefully curates the features the program presents, but it also curates designs created by various artists using canva. This way the viewers both see what they can do with the application and how the product might look. The audience can also see that the business appreciates its customers seeing how the customer’s designs are featured in their social accounts.

Through canva’s curated Instagram account, you will witness not only the useful and unique features the application offers but also the fact that the business knows its customers and is interacting with them. Canva’s Instagram account would be the best example of how content curation can be both informative and engaging.

3. BuzzFeed’s Newsletters

Buzzfeed is mostly known for its super funny, out-of-the-box, videos and quizzes. But did you know that Buzzfeed also offers news?

BuzzFeed’s Curated Newsletters – Content Curation Examples

Recently, the BuzzFeed audience has gotten so vast. BuzzFeed consumers range from people who love cats, memes, and goofy things, to people who view the business as a place to read really interesting things like tech, politics, or international coverage on the web. BuzzFeed Today has something for everyone out there. With the diverse audience that BuzzFeed attracts you might think it is tricky to make a newsletter that satisfies all of them.

Content Curation Examples
BuzzFeed’s Curated Newsletters – Content Curation Examples

Yes, it is tricky to create one newsletter that satisfies a diverse audience, but what if you have a curated newsletter section and you can subscribe to the newsletter whose content satisfies your tastes? Whether readers are looking for a serious look at misinformation across media platforms or just a steady drip of cute animal photos to relax them in the morning, BuzzFeed has a newsletter to meet that niche need.

Content Curation Examples
Buzzfeed’s Curated YouTube Channels – Content Curation Examples

And its newsletters aren’t the only things that BuzzFeed curates. BuzzFeed also curates its content on YouTube to the audiences’ liking as well. BuzzFeed’s content curation demonstrates the twinned values of curating the type of content viewers will want.

4. Inc. Magazine’s Columnists

Content Curation Examples
Inc Magazine Columnists – Content Curation Examples

If you are a small business owner residing in the U.S. you are bound to have come across Inc. Known as the voice of the American entrepreneurs, Inc is often cited and referenced by entrepreneurs both in America and around the world. But why Inc? Why do people rely so heavily on this magazine’s documentation? How can you be sure that what this magazine offers is 100% correct?

The reason behind the unequivocal trust this magazine holds amongst its audience is that the online magazine recruits a long list of contributing writers to create content for the site alongside its in-house writers and editors. The contributors who write about the various topics and industries are people who are experts in that particular field. Meaning, they know precisely what they’re talking about.

Content Curation Examples
Inc magazine Columnists Content Curation – Content Curation Examples

Do you see the bevy of Alexs in the above image? They are all columnists who have written content for the magazine. As you can see each Alex is an expert in a different field and each Alex would write a column on the field they are an expert in. So, if you are a learning designer and want to know what you have to do to get big in the industry, learning designer/columnist Alex Neuman here would have written a column in inc that’s best for you.

The magazine has curated a contributor network where brands and influencers (who are experts in their respective fields) share insights straight from their life about topics that are of immediate interest to its readers. I mean, you will trust an expert’s opinion more than a random writer’s, right? Like what you are reading right now. I write about content marketing and its various nuances because I know everything there is to know about it, and you read what I write because you know that I am an expert in my field (not to brag or anything!)

Likewise, Inc magazine provides information to its diverse audience by curating its content based on the columnists and the field they are an expert in.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Started with Curated Content?

To start curating content, you have to look for content to share on relevant social media pages, news sites, blogs, and other resources. The content you have curated must feel relevant and personal to your audience. Once you are sure about its relevance and uniqueness, add some context in your own words, and then schedule the post.

What are the various formats of content curation?

Annotated directories, anthologies, news radars, compilations, playlists, reading guides, courses, and textbooks are all the various formats of curated content.

What is the main feature of Content Curation?

The main feature of content curation is searching for relevant content from other sources rather than developing original content.

Let’s Start Curating Content!

Now that you have seen content curation examples in every context imaginable, it’s time to start putting your curating skills to the test. Here’s hoping this article has given you the motivation to curate content so that you can work to promote your own business, product, or expertise. Want to know more about content curation? Check out our blog. Interested in our services? Contact us! Until then, Ciao!

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