Ultimate Guide To Copywriting – 7 Compelling Copywriting Strategies

There is a common confusion about what exactly copywriting is, and how it is different from other forms of creative writing. If you have come here with the same doubt in mind let us offer you some clarity! 

What a sword is to a soldier, is what words are to a copywriter. It is the strongest weapon. And it takes great skill to wield it with power and grace! 

The main role of a copywriter is to come up with persuasive content and creative concepts (in the form of websites, social media posts, video transcripts, print, etc)  to build brand image and increase lead conversions.

Let’s learn all about copywriting and some useful strategies that can help you empower your content. 

How Is Copywriting Different From Content Marketing?

Copywriting and content marketing are both similar processes that require strong writers to execute successfully. 

Content marketing focuses on simply providing the audience with informative content in the hope of gradually gaining their trust and building the credibility and reputation of the business

Copywriting is a more proactive process where the focus is on creating persuasive content to generate sales and increase conversions. It provides the much-needed nudge that prompts the audience into taking action. 

Content WritingCopywriting
Gradually convinces audience of business authenticity A more proactive process
Informative contentPersuasive content
Aims to slowly build the credibility and reputation of the businessAims to generate sales and increase conversions

Role Of A Copywriter

The copywriter plays a very strategic role in the marketing of a business. There are many factors to consider ever before the copywriter starts drafting his content. The copywriter is required to do a lot of background study in order to deliver impactful content. 

Most copywriters take their time with research. They study the product and its features in depth to see what aspects of it may benefit the audience. They also spend time studying the psychology of customers. They observe the fears, thoughts, and desires of the audience in order to address them and curate their content accordingly. 

Copywriters deliver a variety of content from billboards, web pages, and newspaper, and magazine ads to outreach emails, social media posts, and video transcripts.  

Their main aim is to motivate the customer to buy the advertised product or service. They use convincing and persuasive words to increase conversions. A good copywriter persuades the audience to make the purchase. 67% of people say they go to the brand website if they want to know more about their brand.

The AIDA Model In Copywriting

The AIDA model is a proven strategy in copywriting that many writers use to structure their content. AIDA stands for:

Attention – The writer first grabs the attention of the reader with something catchy that motivates them to keep reading

Interest – The writer then sparks the interest of the reader with some intriguing information 

Desire – This section appeals to the wants and desires of the audience

Action – The next task is to direct the passive reader to take action by prompting them to make the purchase

Effective Copywriting Strategy

Apart from the quality of the writing, having an effective marketing strategy in motion helps boost your content to reach and convince a lot more people. Here is our list of copywriting strategies that a writer must check off in order to stay ahead of the game:

  • Grammatical accuracy 
  • Pick a tone
  • A gripping headline
  • Emotionally compelling content
  • Social proof
  • Strong CTA (call to attention)
  • Create a sense of urgency
7 effective strategies for copywriting
7 effective strategies for Copywriting

Grammatical accuracy

It is important for the copywriter to check his content for grammatical accuracy. Content with grammatical errors may discourage the reader and create a bad impression for the business. 

The grammatical accuracy of the content creates an image of professionalism and expertise, making it easier for the reader to trust you. 

Pick a tone

Before beginning to draft the content the writer must choose the tone they want to use, based on the business and the product being advertised. The writer may choose an informative and official tone or a fun, engaging one. But the writer must stick to a particular tone and try to remain consistent throughout. Whatever the tone, the writing must establish a sense of authority

A Gripping headline

The headline is the most effective way of attracting readers. It must draw eyes and capture the reader’s attention. The main function of the headline is to get the reader to follow through to the next sentence. 

The headline must be as specific as possible, so the reader knows exactly what the content is about and the topic it covers. 

If numbers are included it is best to use odd numbers, which according to psychology is easier to believe. The writer can make use of words that convey strong emotion (power words) like best, amazing, fast, etc.

The writer can make use of tools like the ‘American Marketing Institute Headline Analyser’ which judges the EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) of your headline. 

Emotionally compelling content 

The copywriter must write with the buyer in mind, as this will greatly help with drafting content that appeals to the needs and desires of the reader.  

It is important to use clear and direct language that is easy to comprehend even if the reader is just skimming through it. Each sentence must guide the reader’s eyes down to the next line. 

Use active voice while writing the content, which is more direct and easier to grasp. Many of readers today don’t have the time to read, let alone read in detail, so it is advisable to keep sentences short and easy to understand.

While writing for a product, focus on the benefits instead of simply listing the features. The customer must know how exactly it will benefit them, or make a change in their life.

Social proof

Including social evidence is a powerful psychological strategy in marketing. We assure the reader with data of favorable results, case studies, and testimonials. This motivates the reader to put their confidence in the business.

Email copywriting is yet another effective strategy. The copywriter can directly communicate with the client. Personally addressing the reader is more powerful and will lead to greater conversions. It is also very cost-effective.

Strong CTA

The call-to-action is an important part of the content. Most users, after going through the content, don’t know what to do next or how to proceed. The CTA need not be fancy like the rest of the article. 

It must contain simple and direct instructions that guide the reader to actually buy the product or service. Direct instructions like ‘Enter your name and details below to get your subscription’ are easy to follow.

Create a sense of urgency 

Many copywriters create a sense of urgency in their content, especially in the CTA. This is to prompt the reader to take quick action. Without a deadline looming over their head, it very easily slips their mind.  

The copywriter may employ phrases like ‘Limited time offer’ or ‘don’t miss out’ to push the reader to make the purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can copywrite increase sales?

A good copywriter not only engages the audience and helps build brand recognition, but also uses his content to persuade the potential buyer into making a purchase, thus increasing sales.
In this way, copywriting is more proactive in its approach than content marketing, by pushing the reader to action. 

What is Amazon copywriting?

Amazon copywriting involves writing gripping descriptions for products to persuade potential customers into purchasing them. 

What are the 4 Cs of copywriting?

In order to optimize content, a copywriter must build his writing in accordance with the 4 main principles of copywriting;
Clear – content must be clear enough to comprehend at a glance
Concise – content must hit the nail on the head by being short and crisp
Compelling – content must be persuasive enough to convince the reader to buy the product or service
Credible – content must be well-researched to provide trustworthy and precise information

Copy And Apply

Now that you’ve read all about copywriting, you can copy and apply these strategies in order to enhance your own content. Combine both writing and marketing techniques for powerful business results. 

If you found this guide helpful you should check out some of our other blogs where we explore every nook of the content world to come up with the very best solutions for your business!

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