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3 Best Photography Content Ideas (Content Pillars)

We are all familiar with content marketing, but marketing in photography is somewhat unique. Unlike other marketing fields, content marketing for photography is less prevalent. So, to promote business online, photographers must understand content marketing as a crucial resource for gaining online visibility. 

Finding your area of expertise is necessary before developing a content concept. Then, you may proceed with creating the content. Here are a few content ideas to boost your photography marketing.

What Are Content Pillars for Photography?

The content pillars’ information is comprehensive and in-depth material further divided into other subjects. There are numerous examples, including blog postings and social media.

1. Photography Content Ideas Using Blog Post 

In the competitive world, updating your blog regularly is very important. You must act to take one step forward past your competitors. Still, you need clarification about what to write about in blog photography. Here are the top ideas to create photography content for your blog.

1.1 Selecting the Best Props for Your Photo Session:

Props can make your photo shoot even better, but you have to select the props carefully. Mostly, it depends on the event and the location. If it is a baby photo shoot, it is advisable to choose toys that attract the babies and bring an excellent look to your photo shoot.

1.2 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Photographer:

We always admire capturing our memorable moments. But before that, we have a lot of questions to ask.

  1. Availability – How many other events do you have scheduled for this weekend?
  2. Background – Do you frequently photograph events that are the same size and style as the ones we are planning?
  3. Style – Do you shoot digitally?
  4. Package and Price – How many hours are included in each package?

 1.3 Headshot Photographer Guide:

You may learn about the expectations of your headshot photographer regarding the strategies that work best during photo shoots in this photography content ideas for the blog.

Tips for Headshot Photographers:
  1. Always dress in simple, wrinkle-free clothing, and wear solid colors when taking your headshot.
  2. Alter your expression if you find that maintaining the same position for a  long time makes you look artificial.

1.4 Organization of Photos:

For people starting their careers as photographers, this might help them organize their photos as professional photographers. There are two methods for organizing photos: Advanced and simple. In a simple method, Collect your images in one place and upload all the collected images onto a hard drive, create a folder structure, and the final step is backup.

In the Advanced method of organizing photos, you must collect the photos in the DAM program, set them up in a folder structure, sort them, and pick your best images. Once you select the best photos, go to the best-selected folder, go through them again, and finally, backup the files.

1.5 Themed Photo Sessions:

A photography theme makes your boring photos a more creative and entertaining ones. There are 328 themes to select to make your photo more unique. The basic themes are Black and White, Color, Texture, Aerial, Line, Nature, Pattern, Macro, Food, Self-portraits, Abstraction, Street, and Night.

Photography Content Ideas – Best Themes

2. Social Media Photography Content Ideas

Social media plays a vital role in content marketing. With many social media options, you can take your photography to the next level. Here are some of the photography content ideas using social media.

2.1 Make an Intro

The user must be aware that the followers are more than just following your page and liking your photography. They must get to know you, which is also a marketing strategy.

The early followers may already be aware of you. Therefore, it is best to retain several new followers who joined at various points in the future and who want to get to know you.

Including a self-introduction allows you to put a face with your name and help the audience connect. 

2.2 Share Your Thoughts

To promote your photography business online, you can provide thoughts and advice to assist others in making the best decisions rather than just publishing photos from photo shoots. They can quickly determine if you are an expert by doing this.

Some people provide their distinctive approaches and advice for a fee, but if you want to succeed in this profession, feel free to offer the knowledge without a charge.

2.3 Share a Link to Your Latest Blog About Photography Content Ideas

Your audience will be considerably impacted if you post your blog on social media and update it frequently. The reader clicks on the link and reads the content by sharing a unique introduction. You can inform your followers about the link and the article.

2.4 Direct Them to Their Related Website

If you have a social media account, you can suggest that media page, share the link, and ask them to follow. In a simple way, you are posting a photograph in the caption you can ask them to follow your other channels.

2.5 Conduct Fun Section

Ask your followers where you take your photography if you get an opportunity. Make the section more interactive, so visitors may indicate their interest in photography and offer suggestions for photography-related content.

2.6 Show What You Are Doing

Try posting behind-the-scenes photos to demonstrate your struggles to take a photo. That conveys to followers how hard you are working. Viewers will be interested in the scene presented as two separate videos. Let’s imagine that they are viewing the ‘part 1’ video, and you may say something to the effect of “check part 2 for the outcome,”

Which naturally makes them excited to see ‘part 2.’

2.7 Upcoming Posts

When you eventually produce the photography content ideas after a little study, you want to ensure that the audience enjoys the piece as they typically do. You can write a coming soon post that piques readers’ interest before publishing it with persuasive language. The audience can also be asked to make a post guess.

2.8 Always Be Grateful to Your Supporters

You might set out a few days each month to express gratitude to your supporters and followers. Describe a few things that assisted you on your journey and in your life’s accomplishments, the little things that cheer up the followers.

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3. Photographic Content Ideas Using Instagram

Instagram is currently one of the top platforms for marketing people’s businesses. The concept of photographic content might be obtained in three different ways:

  • Instagram Grid
  • Instagram Story
  • Instagram Reels

3.1 Photography Content Ideas Using Instagram Grid

The Instagram Grid is an excellent approach to showcase your photographs, even though it might get less attention than the other option. They are still a fantastic method to showcase your fabulous photos instead of attempting to think of catchy captions. You can explain the benefits and drawbacks of marketing for photographers and which one you prefer.

3.2 Photography Content Ideas using Instagram Story

It serves as a crucial gateway for connecting with your followers. You can utilize surveys, multiple choice questions, quotes, your to-do list, and even the truth or dare method to inform your followers about your company.

3.3 Photography Content Ideas Using Instagram Reels

The most recent method to improve your marketing in photography is Reels. If you panic about talking in front of cameras, you can exchange photographs and talk about it, and you can share the entire editing with your followers. For example:

  • How to pose with props.
  • How to photograph in different weather conditions.
  • Tips for startup photographers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is photographic content?

Content photography is commercial and creative photography that provides relevant and consistent content marketing images.

Why is photo content important?

Photos attract attention and execute quickly. They significantly improve the user experience and are a necessary addition to written content.

What makes a photograph powerful?

The subject, a strong composition, movement, light, and emotional impact make a photograph powerful.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing is all about experimenting and adapting. You are boosted with creative ideas, test them, accept the result, and try hard to achieve in photography marketing. Let the audience admire your photography.

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