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4 Marketing Datasets Useful for Any Project

Marketing datasets help marketers analyze and predict the market for creating marketing strategies. It collects historical data and stores it in a database for marketing purposes. Business analysts evaluate past and present business datasets so they can make better decisions and improve their marketing strategies.

What is a Dataset?

A dataset is a file that contains one or more records. It is a collection of related, discrete records that are stored and managed as a whole entity. A dataset can be assessed individually or in combination with other team members. It is organized in some type of data structure.  Datasets can hold information such as medical records or insurance records. They can be referenced using a name without specifying the location. 

A dataset is a collection of raw data collected through research, analyzing the shopping invoice, and sales analysis. The raw data is processed and stored in a repository. Many organizations, such as universities, research agencies, and government institutions, make the datasets on the web for others to download and use for various purposes.

Marketing datasets contain consumer data gathered, consolidated, and processed in a systematic manner. These datasets contain data from both the consumers and the potential consumers. 

Need for Datasets

Data is a powerful and important marketing tool. It is essential to get the most out of content marketing efforts. Data is the first step in executing your content. Your content is an output of your creativity, and it’s trustworthy when your data back it. Content is compelling when you add data, and it is a way of including more backlinks to your content. 

For instance, a blog about which social media platform is used frequently by young people is just blank unless it is garnished with statistics about the region, age group, and the type of posts on the social media platform. There are publicly available third-party datasets that you can download for reference and use for the blog article.

A survey conducted in the U.S says that nearly 70% of teens check their social media updates constantly. The agency has reached this conclusion after comprehensive research that they have recorded and published as an article. They have provided ways to download their key findings as a PPT, JPF, or Excel file. Marketers can use these marketing datasets can make use to promote their products among teenagers if their target audience is them.

Marketing Datasets - A Sample
Marketing Datasets – A Sample

Data is important if you wish to create content liked by both people and search engines. The right marketing datasets answer the question that you might have about a market or product. The problem with many businesses is that finding the right dataset is difficult. Google introduced the tool Dataset Search in response. Dataset search is a search engine for datasets and uses a simple keyword search where users can discover datasets hosted in thousands of repositories across the web.

Marketing Datasets

Most of the marketing datasets are publicly available for users, who can download these free datasets to kickstart their marketing automation initiatives and machine learning.

1. – Homepage is a U.S Government website that aims to improve public access to high-value, machine-readable datasets. This site is a repository for Federal, state, and local government information made available to the public. It does not host data directly but aggregates metadata about open data resources in one centralized repository.

It provides data that is the basis for connecting government agencies, researchers, businesses, and civil society. introduced the concept of open data, where data is accessible, editable, and shared by anyone. Such open datasets from have been used by civil society and businesses. has made it mandatory that federal agencies publish their information online as open data using standardized data in machine-readable data formats with their metadata included in the catalog.

2. – Homepage is a social network for data people. Here, you can easily find the data that you need or share your data with your community. Single data points don’t give any information. But you get datasets when you bring enough of them together with little context. Datasets contain powerful insights about anything – science, healthcare, politics, and marketing. 

When communities of data enthusiasts bring together datasets, patterns emerge, discover new relationships, and we can unearth the potential to solve any problems. The challenge is to get the datasets that we need. Data in the raw form is often incompatible and hard to interpret.

Data is everywhere, but it takes ages to find the right data. Even if you find it, it is a meticulous task to process it before using it. But all these would have already been done by someone else. When people with different perspectives and skills come together to collaborate on datasets, things get faster. 

Collaboration allows the raw data to be cleaned and annotated. It is best if scripts, visualization, annotations, or discussions, upvote it. Data enthusiasts can collect,  compare, and connect data faster than ever, creating new blocks for research and future knowledge. 

Data Catalog

Data. world has created a catalog to discover data with clarity, accuracy, and speed. There are thousands of internal and external data sources, but people struggle to trust them. With a data catalog, it is easy to find what data is actually available and who has access to it. It focuses on metadata management and governance.

Most of the data is siloed or specific teams’ data, or sometimes it is hard to find out whom to ask to get access approved.’s agile governance approach makes every data contributor feel empowered.

With this platform, you can connect to any data, on-premises or on a cloud database, business intelligence dashboards and reports, file systems, shared drives, SaaS tools, APIs, and more.

3. Google Dataset Search

Google Dataset Search – Homepage

Google Dataset Search serves up information found across the web based on keyword searching by accessing different repositories across the web. It enables access to 25 million different publicly available datasets. Around 2 million data in the index come from government data, and the rest are from other sources. 

The homepage of Google Dataset Search is the same as Google’s search engine, as they rely on their branding. Similar to regular searches, Google Dataset Search also gives you autocomplete options. If you are searching for a type of information, you might see other related datasets in the repository. 

Once you have searched your dataset, you can sort it in different ways that help you depending on what the purpose of your finding is. You can filter your searches based on whether you want tables, text, or images.

Most of the marketing datasets are free. Some might require a one-time payment or a membership to the site. Google Dataset Search will let you know whether there’s a cost in downloading the dataset when searching for a free one. It filters out free results and displays such datasets alone.

Google Dataset Search is used over the regular search engine because it searches and narrows down to only results that contain datasets. It is built on a dataset schema so that you will get more and more resources available within these results.

4. Kaggle

Kaggle – Homepage

Kaggle is an online community of data scientists, machine learning researchers, and practitioners allowing users to find and publish data sets. The users work by entering into a competition to solve data science challenges. This platform is trusted by some of the world’s largest data scientists companies to build their products. Kaggle enables data scientists and other developers to engage in running machine learning contests, write and share code, and host datasets. 

The types of data science problems posted on Kaggle can range from attempting to predict cancer in patients by examining their records to analyzing sentiment evoked by movie reviews and how this affects audience reaction. Kaggle is worth your time because it provides Interesting and challenging projects where contributors can learn and practice and gives insightful discussions with industry leaders and learning experts. Kaggle offers its audience a chance to get into the biggest data science community in the world. This Kaggle tutorial is enough to clear all your doubts regarding working with Kaggle.


What is a dataset?

A dataset is a single database table, a collection of tables, or a data matrix. Each column in the dataset corresponds to a data variable, and each row provides an instance of the data set. 

What is metadata?

Metadata is data about data. It gives more information to the data that you have. For instance, metadata about an image stored in a database is the size of the image, the owner, height and width in pixels, and the compression algorithm used to store it. Metadata makes the search easier as users can filter the data and narrow it down to the required data.

Differences between regular search and Google Dataset Search.

Google Dataset Search is a single platform for many datasets. It has indexed around 25 million Datasets, and you can access them all to obtain useful data. The goal of Dataset Search is to help create a data-sharing ecosystem wherein governments and private companies that have Datasets can share and use the best practices to store and publish.

Regular Google search helps search for the most relevant and recent article and gets the result.

What are the sources of data?

You get data from online forms, reviews, comments, and user details. Price details, product details, and shipping details can be scrapped from shopping websites from competitor analysis. Data from government websites and private and public sectors serve many purposes in research and finding the market trend.

What are the other public datasets available?

Closing Thoughts

The internet is full of data, and its decentralized nature makes it hard to collect and categorize data. Data is useful in medicine, research, and business to learn patterns and processes as they provide insight into how things work and whether they will lead to the desired results, outcomes, or profit.

Dataset is a platform for using and sharing data. Marketers use datasets to understand other stakeholders in the business. Marketing datasets contain details of people’s shopping habits, user data, and reviews are publicly available to understand the current trends. 

Businesses, whether startups or established, must withstand the tough competition. Content marketing is a proven strategy to advertise your business and your services. Do you wish to know more about content marketing and how it could benefit your business? Read our blogs to learn more about content marketing benefits other businesses.

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