content assets to boost your blog

6 Content Assets to Boost your Blogs

Content assets boost your blogs by adding value to your content marketing strategy. Content assets are a valuable piece of content that supports various marketing initiatives. They are distributed across various marketing channels and are often repurposed into different content formats. Content assets are built solely for increasing brand awareness or lead conversion. They are also referred to as marketing collateral. 

What Are content assets?

A content asset is a piece of content that is of great value when created and used strategically. It can be a blog post, a white paper, or a video created to fulfill the marketing goal. Content assets are created taking into consideration the following: 

  • The purpose of your content.
  • Whether that content can achieve your business goals?
  • What audience will benefit from your content?

Content assets are distinct pieces of content types. Ebooks, videos, infographics, reports, newsletters, podcasts, guides, ads, the about us page, and the contact us information on your website are all content. Marketers seldom refer to content as an asset. Nevertheless, it is of high value as they reinforce your marketing strategies. 

Content marketing begins with content strategy, as you decide what type of content you create. The content strategy considers and answers the questions of why you are writing a blog. It’s not just for the sake of writing and publishing. Instead, your content strategy must answer the question of what goals you will accomplish using your content. With that in mind, let’s consider some content assets to boost your blogs.

Long-Form Content

Long-form content is a content type that gives value to its readers. It’s a proven fact that it drives traffic to your website. Long-form content answers your audience’s questions as it provides all the answers they are looking for, and they spend more time on your page reading them. They are the content pillars that delve deep into the core of the content. 


Your website is your identity. It talks about you and your business and the service that you offer. The case studies and testimonials bear witness to your marketing strategy. It is the face of your business in the digital world and a valuable asset that increases your brand visibility. 

For all this to happen, you must have the right website. Blog content must be oriented to one particular topic and not move away from it. This is an easy way to bring more traffic as you use your niche keyword and SEO that builds your authority in that particular niche. Google recognizes that and appreciates it by bringing your website to page one of SERP results.

Even if you are a startup, you must design your website first and have blogs on it. With platforms like WordPress, getting your website and blogs done and publishing is easy. A rich repository of blogs and a lightweight web page with graphic content that takes less time to load is what a user wishes for.

Your website can win over your customers and boost conversion rates, and the blogs you wrote about your products build your authority in your niche. 

Guest Blog 

Guest blogging is an important part of a content marketing strategy. Publishing a post on high-traffic third-party websites attracts highly-targeted traffic to your site, boosts social media shares, increases social media followers, improves link juice, and builds online authority. 

They are content assets to your organization as it is a tool to create brand awareness and builds your authority as a content creator in your niche. The advantage of guest posts is that you can control which pages you link to your website and the anchor text you use. You can easily insert links when submitting a guest post to a site with higher domain authority.


Ebooks suit best when your content is exceptionally long, and it won’t be good to publish it as a blog because your users would have to scroll endlessly. Instead of an in-depth post-based guide, it is good to include ebooks in your content strategy. This is a good content asset that you can mention on your website. It positions you as a trustworthy authority in your industry. Also, it utilizes it as a gated resource to gain emails from your customers that you can use to nurture your leads.


Whitepapers are great. This content asset effectively showcases your knowledge of your niche, whether you are a service-based or product-based marketing business. The key here is to understand your customers’ needs and pain points and answer them in your white papers. 

You can provide whitepapers on demand to your customers. You can ask your customers to fill out their names and email addresses so you can email them. Thereby, your whitepapers become your gated asset.

What is a gated asset?
What is a gated asset?

You can create campaigns around the whitepaper to generate leads, boost your reputation, and enhance your domain authority. Run whitepaper campaigns in earned media, social media, forums, and groups, but don’t forget your existing customers.


Your customers may prefer videos about your brand. Marketers also know videos are valuable content assets, increasing your site’s dwell time and reducing bounce rate. These factors ensure that your users find your content engaging and make spending time on your website valuable. 

Content assets - Videos
Content assets – Videos

Most businesses use video content marketing strategies. There is a likelihood to rank on featured snippets as videos are ranked higher than written content. All users like visuals as it is how our perception is built. Instead of reading content, users watch videos as they are engaging, more noticeable, and weave a  story that resonates with the customer. 

Ranging from Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, every social media platform supports video content marketing. Businesses post video content on their social media pages about their products, employees, testimonials, events, and webinars. Research shows that 68% of marketers say that video has a better ROI than Google Ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you repurpose your blog?

A long-form or short-form blog can be repurposed into infographics, social media posts, and videos. You need not create content regularly, but you can convert it into other forms of content, repurpose and publish it on other marketing channels.

What are social media assets?

Social media assets are the content you publish on your social media channels. Images, videos, and user-generated content make up your social media presence. These assets contribute to your overall brand experience and are a means for user engagement. 

What is a creative asset?

Creative assets are media files of all types, such as images, GIFs, and rich media. Creative assets talk about your brand, product, and services and appeal to users visually.

List a few examples of content assets.

– Infographics.
– Guides.
– Templates.
– Forms.
– Quizzes.
– Onboarding videos.

What are digital assets?

Any form of content that is stored digitally and uniquely identifiable in an organization makes digital assets. They provide value and convey a message about your brand. Documents, spreadsheets, audio, video, and websites.

Final Thoughts

Content assets are tools that you require throughout your business plans. Whether you are gathering leads, doing social media campaigns, or boosting your brand awareness, you need content to do it. They are assets to your business as you can repurpose them anytime.

The buyer’s mindset has changed over the years. They want to read, research, and gain information before considering a purchase. When you meet the customer’s needs with your content, you appear as a trusted resource to set up a niche in your market.

Do you want to learn more about content marketing and how to set successful strategies? Read our blogs to learn more about content marketing and how it helps your business?  

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