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How to Build Your LinkedIn for Business in 3 Simple Steps

Having trouble deciding which social media platform to use to grow your business?  Different people in your marketing network might endorse Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in different ways. From the suggestion, you conclude that everyone uses this  platform. Is there another one you could use? Well, there is another platform called LinkedIn. The name, LinkedIn, might come as a shock. Because most people and business professionals believe LinkedIn is the only place to seek jobs, and hire professionals. For this reason, it is the most underrated platform.

According to statistics, more than 57 million people use this platform for business purposes. With the right planning and techniques, you can succeed on LinkedIn.

You can start your business on LinkedIn because you can easily connect with other business people, and learn about industry trends. There are many ways to generate leads.

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Content Pillars for LinkedIn

Here are the four content pillars for LinkedIn:

1. Customer Feedback

If a customer is satisfied with your product and services, and provides feedback, take a snapshot of the feedback and share it on the LinkedIn platform. Show how your customers love your product, and your credibility. Posting this feedback can help your target audience become customers.

2. Posting Videos

When comparing the videos and the text, which impresses the audience most? Almost 95% of people are interested in watching the video, and only 5% of the people are interested, and take the time to read the text you posted. So, instead of giving only text and image content, you can share videos and try to compact what you are trying to say. But don’t post everything in the video. Try to balance both by giving your target audience the text and video content.

3. Call to Action

Entrepreneurs most widely use this content pillar. In this stage, you encourage and direct them to learn about your product by entering the Tofu stage. Some people use feedback forms as their call to action based on your business. You can set your call to action to explain to people what you are offering, and where they can get it.

4. Identify Yourself

You can share your business journey with your target audience and your struggles. By exploring yourself with the audience, make them connect with your feelings. It is also helpful for startups in the business field who may learn about the technique by sharing your life journey, encouraging them, and moving on with their struggles and failures.

LinkedIn for Business – Home Page

LinkedIn for Business – Tips

  • Make sure the content you are posting is relevant and valuable to your target audience.
  • Build your company profiles, and ensure the data you enter is precise and updated.
  •  Ensure that you have pre-planned content to make the audience engage.
  • Use the links to direct visitors to your official web page to learn more about your product and services.

Benefits of LinkedIn for Business

1. Increase Lead Generation

When you keep your page active, and give relevant content to your target audience, make the target audience identify your business among the crowd.

2. Rank on Search Engine

Optimizing your company page, and using the appropriate focus keyword can help your page rank on the first page.

3. Update with the latest trends

While networking with business experts, you can learn the trends among the audience. Based on that, you can do your campaign process.

4. Customers Happiness

This platform gives you a great avenue to interact with your customers. The customer expects their queries to be addressed at the right time. Using surveys and chat boxes, you can meet the customer’s needs. They trust your brand, and like to continue with the customer’s journey.

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How to Use LinkedIn for Business

Here are the steps to improve your business on LinkedIn:

1. Company Page 

The company page helps the audience learn more about your brand, your products, and what you offer.

The Steps to Create a Company Page:

  1. To start a company page, you need an individual account to manage all your business content, so you can use your official mail ID to sign in.
  2. Once you have downloaded the Linkedin app, sign in and select the work icon to create a company page.
  3. It shows four business-type options to select.
  4. According to your business type, select small, medium, large, showcase, or educational.
  5. Selecting your business type allows you to fill in your page identity and company details.
  6. Before creating your company page, make sure you have added your company logo and cover image. The image should be 300×300 pixels, and the file should be a PNG or JPG file.

2. Page Optimization

In this step, you add the information that makes your page visible to your target audience. At the bottom of the page, click the edit page button and fill in the details it asked for, for example, your description, website URL, and hashtags.

Fill in the details that are relevant to your brand and target audience. Use different languages for multicultural audiences. Google has indexed your page, so make sure you use your focus keyword in your description. 

It provides three hashtag options for you to fill out, and ensure that the hashtags are trending among the audience. The final step is a custom button. This custom button has five options based on the business type you choose.

Here are the five custom button options to select:

  • Contact us
  • Learn more
  • Register
  • Sign up 
  • Visit Website

3. Construct Your Page

The above two steps are the starting points for your success, but to succeed on this platform, the audience must be aware of your business page. To construct your page, you have to take some of the following steps:

  1. If you have a marketing strategy, you can execute it based on your plan and strategy.  But, if you have no plans, and are unaware of what to post, you can use the above content pillar ideas to create a post based on your product and services. 
  2. Share your page with your employees, and your friend circle.
  3. Make sure you update the posts up to the latest trend.
  4. The other way of advertising your company page is by sending invitations to follow you.

LinkedIn for Business Tools

The tools listed below will help you construct your LinkedIn business page:

1. Link Sales Navigator

This premium package is designed for sales professionals. Messages can be sent directly to members who aren’t connected to you. Apart from this, it allows you to find sales leads. Even though it is a premium package, it allows you to try a 30-day free trial to test whether it is worth the money.

Features of Link Sales Navigator:

  • Lead Builder
  • Save as Leads
  • In Mails
  • CRM Integration
  • Sales Navigator Team
LinkedIn for Business – Link Sale Navigator

2. Expandi 

Reports indicate that it is a safe tool for LinkedIn, and it operates 24/7. It supports LinkedIn chat and personalized messages, as well as campaign management. Apart from this, it helps you to analyze and track the campaign.

Features of Expandi:

  • Webhooks
  • Smart Inbox
  • Dynamic Personalization
LinkedIn for Business – Expandi

3. Phantom Buster

This tool automatically scrapes data from various social media platforms. Your social media posts should be engaged, and your messages should automatically respond to them. You can use it to find hidden emails in particular. 

Features of Phantom Buster:

  • Network Booster
  • Profile Scraper
  • Auto Commenter
  • Message Sender
LinkedIn for Business – Phantom Buster

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What posts are most successful on LinkedIn?

– Long-form content
– Tips and hacks
– Short videos

2. Is LinkedIn worth it for small businesses?

Yes, LinkedIn offers small businesses the best platform for brand development, and expands their target markets.

3. How do you identify fake accounts on LinkedIn?

– The content seems to not be real.
– The company details are incomplete.
– They have a fake profile picture.

Final Thoughts

By incorporating a marketing plan and strategy that are relevant to your business, you can harness the power of this platform to expand your business and create a network of diverse expertise.

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