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10 Types of LinkedIn Posts to Boost Your Marketing

LinkedIn is a well-known and right online platform for people seeking jobs, internships, and expanding their businesses. It is a platform that allows you to connect with professionals and organizations. 

By doing this, you can easily connect with your target audience, and generate leads. The survey found that LinkedIn generates more leads than Twitter and Facebook, and 80% of B2B leads are from LinkedIn. In 2022 the number of Linkedin users in the United States is 66.8 million.

The challenge of conversational marketing is conversing with your target audience in order to build your brand. It’s still easy to connect with professionals and organizations on LinkedIn, since you must log in through your email ID to get in touch with them. 

Let’s get right to the point. Do you want to grow your business using the LinkedIn platform? If yes, you are in the right place to learn more tactics about Linkedin to expand your business and drive the target audience.

To develop a business on LinkedIn or any other media platform, you must post about your brand regularly, so people can notice your brand and services.

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Different Types of LinkedIn Posts

Here are the different types of LinkedIn posts ideas that make your content more attractive to the seeker.

Different Types of LinkedIn Posts

1. Text Post 

It is one of the most common types of LinkedIn posts used by LinkedIn users. It contains emojis and hashtags. People who want to discuss specific topics and concentrate more on their content in words, but not videos or infographics, can go with this post. You type it in a short or a long format, and at the end of the text, you can add hashtags.

What is the character limit for text posts?  Without including the images, it’s up to 1300 characters. But, in 2022, the character limit is 2973.

Tips for Text Post:

  • Try to make the content short because the significant content makes the reader skip the post or stop reading it in the middle lane. If your content has yet to reach the audience, they aren’t aware of your brand and products, so make it short.
  • Make sure that your content connects to the audience, and the tone and words you’re using are easy to read.
  • Rather than being full of content, try to use emojis related to your content to attract the audience to read more of your post.
  • Using hashtags makes your brand reach more. If they are searching for a topic that has already posted the hashtags, it helps them to direct through your post.
  • You can use the external links, but ensure the content is not full of external links.

2. Image Posts

Not all people are interested in only reading the content, and understanding the product and the services. Some people are very excited to learn more about the brand in the picture. So, you have two options on LinkedIn to post your image post. The single and the multiple posts. The single post is like an infographic about your content, or you can post your picture of how you motivate yourself. You can use multiple images for your product launch, campaign, and pictures about meetings that happened that day.

Tips for Image Posts:

  • The selected image should be related to your content. If the image and content are irrelevant, they probably don’t understand what you are trying to convey about the brand.
  • If you post multiple images, ensure all nine images are aligned similarly.
  • Adding a caption to all the images is mandatory. 
  • The picture quality should be high.

3. Video Posts

For example, you are hiring people for your business. For this, posting only hiring images is not connected to most people. In this scenario, you can go with a video post by uploading your company culture, and the workspace that attracts people to work with your company.

You can also make a video of your product and how it works.

Tips for video Posts:

  • People enjoy the video, but everything has a limit. They might be bored if they extend for more than ten to fifteen minutes. Make sure your video is short and conveys all the information in that video.
  • At the end of the video, give the information about how to contact you to learn more about the product or services.
  • Try to avoid posting videos continuously. Make a schedule for posting videos on a monthly basis.

4. Blog Posts

You can publish your blogs directly to the LinkedIn page. You may be wondering how to publish blogs on Linkedin. You can use the write article feature on your Linkedin home page. Using this option, you can publish your recent and updated articles. Posting blogs on Linkedin increases their curiosity, and they can check your official brand page to learn more about your business.

Tips for Blog Posts:

  • Make sure that when you are publishing your article on a website, you follow the certain article rules on Linkedin. 
  • Let your blog post be unique from the other competitors.

5. Document Posts

If you want to convey your product to your target audience, but not in article form, you can try this document post. This can be in either PDF, Word, or PowerPoint format. Prepare the document based on what you want to convey to your target audience.

Tips for Document Posts:
  • The uploaded document should be well presented for the audience. If they open the document, they have to find valuable information.
  • Before posting the documents, you can give a glance at your document in the caption. So, before opening the documents, they get a hint of what the document is about.

6. Celebration Posts

People with company pages most commonly use this type of LinkedIn post. So, you can post your company’s accomplishments, a new hire at your company, events at your workplace, and if you’ve begun a new project. This might help the audience know learn how you see the victory.

Tips for Celebration Posts:

  • Make sure the celebration posts are relevant to build your brand.
  • The celebration should be well explained about your work culture.

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7. Create a Poll

This is another way you can connect with your audience. How do I create a poll on LinkedIn? You can click the Create a Poll option on the home page, type the question you want to ask the audience, and give at least two options to choose from. Enter the caption for the post and upload it. This post type helps you understand the audience’s view of the business.

LinkedIn Posts – Create a Poll

Tips for Creating a Poll

  • Make the question relevant to your product.
  • Once the poll section is complete, you can reveal the percentage of the poll in your next post that makes you more connected with your audience.

8. Create an Event

This helps you notify your audience about a webinar or meeting, and keeps them stay engaged. Based on the event you created, they can recognize and participate in your event. You can create two types of events: The first one is online, and the next option is in person. Below is the event name, time zone, start time and date, and end time and date.

Tips for Creating an Event:

  • You can insert images of what the event is about.
  • Don’t forget the event you are creating.
LinkedIn Posts – Create Event

9. Share That Your Are Hiring

As previously stated, LinkedIn is the best app for both hiring and job seeking. By posting the company details, those who are interested and suitable for the application that you posted may contact you. Also, people who search for a job get an opportunity to show their experience in that specific field,

Tips for Share Your Are Hiring

  • The post should be clear and well explained about the job.
  • Mentioned the qualification for enrollment, so, based on that, people can apply.

10. Find an Expert

This is not as popular as the other types of posts on LinkedIn. It is available on both iOS and Android phones. If you need an accountant or marketing specialist, it uses your network to find an expert to help you progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What content types on LinkedIn perform are the best in 2022?

The best-performing content on LinkedIn are video posts.

2. What are the 4 steps to achieve in LinkedIn?

– Choosing the appropriate profile photo.
– Unique headlines
– Enticing URL
– Experience with strategies

3. What are the 5-3-2 rules in LinkedIn?

– 5 external pieces of content that our audience would find interesting.
– 3 pieces of content from you.
– 2 non-work related pieces of content that strengthens your brand.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the different types of LinkedIn posts, you can choose which one suits your company, your product, and your target audience. You can see that some of the posts are getting tread, and are familiar to the target audience. This is because of their marketing experience and the types of posts suitable for their brand. In order to choose the best types of LinkedIn posts, you should first try to learn about your industry.

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