Content Marketing for Insurance Companies

An Overview of Content Marketing for Insurance Companies – 2023

The concept of content marketing for insurance companies may seem unique and strange to most people. This is because some people feel that there isn’t much content to write about, share, or educate people about. To develop their audience and build their companies, they always chose face-to-face conversations, texts, phone calls, letters, or social media interactions.

Short conversations with your target audience do not always provide a clear picture of your company’s missions and vision. Because it does not produce immediate results, business people are still reluctant to adopt it. This is because people are always focused on following the same path once they feel comfortable with it or get good results.

But have you ever wondered where your potential customers come from? The answer may be yes or no. So, if you want to find out, have not started content marketing at your insurance company, and are confused about what to share, this blog will give you an overview of content marketing for insurance companies and help you develop your business. 

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Why Is Content Marketing Such an Important Part of Brand Development?

The report says 82% of companies use content marketing to develop their business. Based on the report itself, you can easily recognize how people trust that content marketing is also a part of their success. It plays a major role in developing brands because it solves the audience’s doubts, builds strong relationships, builds trust, and generates more leads.

Why Content Marketing for Insurance Companies?

  • When compared with other methods, like social media interaction and text messages, content marketing generates more leads.
  • Compared to other digital marketing methods, content marketing costs 62% less. This is a cost-effective option for startup insurance companies.
  • It can help you to retain existing customers by producing valuable content for your target audience.

Insurance Marketing Statistics

  • The percentage of people who search for insurance information before scheduling an appointment is 69%.
  • The number of insurance searches performed on mobile devices has grown to over 50%.
  • 78% of consumers who search for insurance companies call the company.
  • Calls from customer service agents rank as the most frustrating customer service channel, according to 32% of consumers.

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Benefits of Content Marketing for Insurance Companies:

1. Brand Awareness

Content marketing has the potential to promote website traffic, increase online visibility, and improve search rankings with the appropriate techniques. Insurance content marketing may help you reach your company goals, while also increasing brand awareness.

2. Generate Leads 

Content marketing can also be used to generate leads. If you ask questions or address particular points, prospects can get in touch with you for more information.

3. Develop Relationships

Content marketing for insurance companies can help you build relationships with customers and clients in addition to generating leads. You may establish and position yourself as a trusted resource in the insurance sector by providing useful information and insights.

If you want to promote your life insurance product or services effectively, content marketing is one of the finest tactics to explore.

Content marketing is the foundation of most insurance content strategies. According to a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, people are more likely to make decisions when they have access to content that educates them or provides information rather than being pitched directly.

How to Create Content Marketing for Your Insurance Company

If you’re looking to generate interesting content for your insurance company website, here are a few ideas to consider:

Content Marketing for Insurance Companies

1. Understand Your Audience

To succeed in content marketing, you must understand your target audience. Therefore, it is essential to understand who your audience is before beginning your insurance content. Learning about them and any potential obstacles they may face is necessary.

          You can ask some questions to understand your target audience, for example:

  • What content helps them solve their problems?
  • What insurance problems do they face?
  • What are the demographics of your desired audience?

2. Offer Educational Content

Instead of focusing on fully advertising your service and providence, you can help your target audience by educating them about how insurance actually works, and fulfilling their needs.

3. Use Various Social Media Platforms

Instead of just producing content for the page on your official website, you use a variety of social media networks. Determine which platforms your target audience is most active on before starting your media campaign. On the basis of that, you can distribute your content to grow your business.

4. Include a Call to Action 

CTAs are an essential asset on your website, and might direct your visitors to your sales funnel. Make sure you inspire visitors to click on your CTAs to find out greater information via writing CTA copies that activate them to take action.

5. Create a Blog Post

What are the messages you want to deliver to your target audience, such as the products or services you offer? You present it to your target audience as a comprehensive collection of blogs so they can find more information in one place.

Five Reasons Insurance Companies Need Content Marketing

  • Content marketing for insurance companies helps to build good relationships with existing policyholders.
  • It can captivate the interest of the intended audience.
  • In the customer’s perception, content is more important than advertising.
  • This can help clear up many of the misconceptions about the insurance platform.
  • Competitors are already taking part in content marketing.

An Example of How an Insurance Company Took Content Marketing

Murray Group Insurance Services

Content Marketing for Insurance Companies – The Ryan Hanley Show

Ryan Hanley is a marketing expert with eight years of experience as an insurance agent. He is also an expert in insurance content. Due to some circumstances, the company did not want Hanley to try content marketing, so he started his own website, and shared his knowledge about the insurance industry. 

This is what he said about professional lines of insurance, errors and omissions, and workers’ compensation. “I would go back and write about whatever coverage I was learning about or working on at that time, amounting to two or three weekly posts.”

After his hard work got results, his company noticed, and asked him to continue the process on their official company website.

In this journey, he tried a different experiment to get high traffic to their company website. Hanley started a campaign with a video series, called “The 100 Questions Answered in 100 Days.” A Facebook poll, an email poll, and a survey in his office were the methods Hanley used to poll everyone he knew. 

After collecting 147 answers, he narrowed them down to 100, beginning in January 2012. In a YouTube video of no more than three minutes, Hanley answered each question one at a time. After posting each video to YouTube, he embedded it in a blog post on the company site with a bit of added commentary. He did that every day for 100 days.

At the end of the campaign, they analyzed the results and found great traffic. Now he is the director of marketing at Murray Group Insurance. His expertise in content marketing enabled him to assist 23,000 offices across the nation in developing content marketing.

You can also listen to The Ryan Hanley Show on Spotify.

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  • Winning Insurance Content Strategies with Bradley Flowers
  • Chris Greene on Content Marketing as a Competitive Advantage
  • Nigel Walsh Explains the Important Difference Between Digitizing and Digital Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the steps in content marketing?

– Set a clear goal.
– Research into personas.
– Analyze the content.
– Decide on a content management system.
– Select the kind of content you want to produce.
– Manage and publish your content.

2. What are the challenges facing the insurance industry?

– The level of competition
– Modern technology
– Engaging customers

3. What type of analytics did the insurance companies use?

Insurance companies use advanced data and predictive analytics systems.

Final Thoughts 

Now that you have an idea of what content marketing means for an insurance company,  you can make the decision to implement this content marketing strategy in your insurance business. You make the right decision to plan accordingly, find your audience, provide engaging content, and develop your business.

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